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Hello Garzan

Killing green dragons
RequirementsGreen dragon.png

Attack 80+ recommended
Strength 80+ recommended
Defence 70+ recommended for melee
Ranged 70+ recommended
Prayer 70+ recommended for Piety if doing Melee to speed up kills and not need food.
Recommended - Construction ornate rejuvination pool to help refresh health and prayer


Protection against dragonfire (Dragonfire shield or an Extended antifire(4) recommended if using Melee)
Melee - Use best in slot Strength bonus gear then best defensive options (Dragon armour+)
Ranged - Best ranged gear (Black d'hide armour+) with rune crossbow+ and broad bolts+
Recommended - House teleport tablet or dust rune and law rune using a rune pouch to quickly heal/recharge prayer
Mythical cape (Teleport)

Dragon Slayer II

Slayer 55 for Broad bolts recommended if using Ranged (optional)
Antifire potion (Extended) if using Melee and not using dragonfire shield
2-5 pieces of food (lobsters or better) if using Melee
Super attack(1)
Super strength(1)

ProfitExperience gained
371,047Combat level 54,600 Hitpoints 18,200
Inputs (9,257)Outputs (380,304)
2.5 × Extended antifire(4).png Extended antifire(4) (398)8 × Lobster.png Lobster (1,632)3.5 × Super attack(4).png Super attack(4) (802)3.5 × Super strength(4).png Super strength(4) (6,426)130 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (171,470)130 × Green dragonhide.png Green dragonhide (167,310)1.02 × Rune dagger.png Rune dagger (4,396)76.17 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (13,939)1.31 × Grimy ranarr weed.png Grimy ranarr weed (8,695)3.71 × Ensouled dragon head.png Ensouled dragon head (14,493)

Players who have completed Dragon Slayer II may prefer killing green dragons in the Myths' Guild basement. These are outside the wilderness and much closer to a bank, alongside ease of access with the mythical cape teleport. They always drop dragon bones and green dragonhide (along with various other chance drops), which sell for 1,319 and 1,287 respectively. This makes each kill worth 2,606 coins at the very least.