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Daily Updater[edit | edit source]

Updates the monster list, the item list, and the icons.

log.txt[edit | edit source]

Output of script, including any errors or warnings.

slots[edit | edit source]

A list of all equippable items with some manually defined properties:


SMW_NAME: The name of the item as found on smw lookup (generally PAGENAME#VERSIONNAME)
VISIBILITY: -1 (skip item), 0 (item exists but is hidden from the dropdown menu) or 1 (item is visible in the dropdown menu)
...: Optional parameters:
     [email protected] - rename the displayed monster name
     Special [email protected] - Indicates that the weapon has a special attack that takes VALUE energy
     [email protected] - The weapon/ammunition poisons with a starting poison of VALUE
     [email protected] - The weapon applies venom
     Mining [email protected] - The weapon is a pickaxe with a Mining level of VALUE
     [email protected] - Add a combat type to a monster
Empty lines, lines starting with a "<pre>" tag, and lines starting with "@@" are ignored.

icons[edit | edit source]

.js/.css[edit | edit source]