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Adamant boots|1
Ancient d'hide boots|1
Angler boots|0
Ankou socks|0
Antisanta boots|0
Armadyl d'hide boots|1
Bandos boots|1
Bandos d'hide boots|1
Bear feet|0
Black boots|1
Blue boots|0
Boots of brimstone|1
Boots of darkness|1
Boots of lightness|1
Boots of stone|1
Bronze boots|1
Builder's boots|0
Bunny feet|0
Carpenter's boots|0
Chicken feet|0
Citizen shoes|0
Climbing boots|1
Climbing boots (g)|0
Clown shoes|0
Clue hunter boots|0
Cow shoes|0
Cream boots|0
Dark tuxedo shoes|0
Demon feet|0
Desert boots|0
Devout boots|1
Dragon boots|1
Dragon boots (g)|0
Dragonstone boots|0
Elven boots|0
Eternal boots|1
Evil chicken feet|0
Fancy boots|1
Farmer's boots#Female|0|[email protected]'s boots (female)
Farmer's boots#Male|0|[email protected]'s boots (male)
Fighting boots|1
Fremennik boots|0
Fremennik sea boots 1|1
Fremennik sea boots 2|1
Fremennik sea boots 3|1
Fremennik sea boots 4|1
Frog slippers|0
Frog-leather boots|1
Gardening boots|0
Ghostly boots|1
Gilded boots|0
Graceful boots#Agility Arena|0|[email protected] boots (Agility Arena)
Graceful boots#Arceuus|0|[email protected] boots (Arceuus)
Graceful boots#Hallowed|0|[email protected] boots (Hallowed)
Graceful boots#Hosidius|0|[email protected] boots (Hosidius)
Graceful boots#Kourend|0|[email protected] boots (Kourend)
Graceful boots#Lovakengj|0|[email protected] boots (Lovakengj)
Graceful boots#Piscarilius|0|[email protected] boots (Piscarilius)
Graceful boots#Regular|0|[email protected] boots
Graceful boots#Shayzien|0|[email protected] boots (Shayzien)
Granite boots|1
Gravedigger boots|0
Green boots|0
Grey boots|0
Guardian boots|1
Guthix d'hide boots|1
Ham boots|0
Holy sandals|1
Infinity boots|1
Insulated boots|1
Iron boots|1
Leather boots|1
Light tuxedo shoes|0
Lumberjack boots|0
Lunar boots|1
Mime boots|0
Mithril boots|1
Mole slippers|0
Moonclan boots|1
Mourner boots|0
Mummy's feet|0
Mystic boots|1
Mystic boots (dark)|0
Mystic boots (dusk)|0
Mystic boots (light)|0
Ornate boots|0
Pegasian boots|1
Pink boots|0
Pirate boots|0
Primordial boots|1
Prospector boots|0
Purple boots|0
Pyromancer boots|0
Ranger boots|1
Red boots|0
Rock-shell boots|1
Rogue boots|1
Rune boots|1
Runner boots|1
Samurai boots|1
Santa boots|0
Saradomin d'hide boots|1
Shayzien boots (1)|1
Shayzien boots (2)|1
Shayzien boots (3)|1
Shayzien boots (4)|1
Shayzien boots (5)|1
Shoes (Spirits of the Elid)|0
Silly jester boots|1
Skeletal boots|1
Skeleton boots|0
Slave boots|0
Snakeskin boots|1
Snow imp costume feet|0
Spiked boots|0
Spiked manacles|1
Spined boots|1
Splitbark boots|1
Spookier boots|0
Spooky boots|0
Steel boots|1
Teal boots|0
Turquoise boots|0
Twisted boots (t1)|0
Twisted boots (t2)|0
Twisted boots (t3)|0
Villager sandals (blue)|0
Villager sandals (brown)|0
Villager sandals (pink)|0
Villager sandals (yellow)|0
Vyre noble shoes|0
Vyrewatch shoes|0
White boots|1
Wizard boots|1
Yellow boots|0
Zamorak d'hide boots|1
Zombie boots|0