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3rd age kiteshield Adamant defender Adamant kiteshield Adamant sq shield Ancient d'hide shield Ancient kiteshield Ancient wyvern shield - Charged,Ancient wyvern shield Anti-dragon shield Arcane spirit shield Armadyl d'hide shield Armadyl kiteshield Avernic defender Bandos d'hide shield Bandos kiteshield Black d'hide shield Black defender Black kiteshield Black sq shield Blessed spirit shield Blue d'hide shield Book of balance Book of darkness Book of law Book of war Bronze defender Bronze kiteshield Bronze sq shield Broodoo shield (blue),Broodoo shield Bug lantern - Lit,Lit bug lantern Crystal shield Decorative shield (gold) Decorative shield (red) Decorative shield (white) Dragon defender Dragon kiteshield Dragon sq shield Dragonfire shield - Charged,Dragonfire shield Dragonfire ward - Charged,Dragonfire ward Elemental shield Elysian spirit shield Falador shield 1 Falador shield 2 Falador shield 3 Falador shield 4 Granite shield Green d'hide shield Guthix d'hide shield Guthix kiteshield Hard leather shield Holy book Iron defender Iron kiteshield Iron sq shield Mage's book Magic shield Malediction ward Maple shield Mind shield Mirror shield Mithril defender Mithril kiteshield Mithril sq shield Neitiznot shield Oak shield Odium ward Red d'hide shield Redwood shield Rune defender Rune kiteshield Rune sq shield Saradomin d'hide shield Saradomin kiteshield Snakeskin shield Spectral spirit shield Spirit shield Steel defender Steel kiteshield Steel sq shield Tome of fire - Charged,Tome of fire Training shield Twisted buckler Unholy book V's shield White kiteshield White sq shield Willow shield Wooden shield Yew shield Zamorak d'hide shield Zamorak kiteshield