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Attacker[edit | edit source]

Colour: Red
Calls to: Collector

The Attacker's job is to kill the Penance Fighters and Penance Rangers. Runes and special arrows are available from the Attacker machine near the entrance; however, they must bring their own Melee weapon if they wish to use Melee.

The creatures can only be hurt by one type of attack at any given time. Using the wrong attack will cause the player to lose 2 Hitpoints and hit no damage. The Collector will tell the Attacker which attack the creatures are vulnerable to, with their horn. Having a high Combat level as an Attacker is a significant advantage. Despite its popularity and simplicity, Attacker is a somewhat challenging role as it requires a fair amount of attention.

On the Queen wave, the attacker's job is to take spikes from the petrified mushrooms around the arena. They will then use these spikes on the poisoned eggs, given by healers, and pass the poisoned spiked eggs to defender.

The four attack styles are:

  • Style 1: Controlled/Bullet/Wind
  • Style 2: Accurate/Field/Water
  • Style 3: Aggressive/Blunt/Earth
  • Style 4: Defensive/Barbed/Fire

Note: The attack styles are ordered as following: Melee/Ranged/Magic.

Tip: Super strength and attack potions can be used by attackers to speed up killing the Penance creatures.

See Barbarian Assault/Strategies#Attacker for information on inventory and equipment.

Quick overview[edit | edit source]

Everyone[edit | edit source]

  • Calling fast is the most important part of Barbarian Assault. You call by right-clicking the horn in your inventory.
    The interface for the things you need to use (ear icon). and call (mouth icon).
    The call changes every 30 seconds, if possible, use a timer that tells you when this happens, so you can call instantly.
  • Top right corner: ear icon is for what you need to do, mouth icon is what you need to call for the other role.
  • At the start of the wave, don't run through the middle, it makes the penance run all over the place, and we can't have that.
  • Attackers and collector run west, healer and defender run east. Try to stay on these sides at the start.
  • Between waves, the leader can quick-start the next wave by right-clicking the ladder in the lobbies.
  • A second Attacker or Healer is more useful than another Collector or Defender.

Attacker (red)[edit | edit source]

Void ranger helm.png
Ava's assembler.png
Necklace of anguish.png
Magic shortbow (i).png
Elite void top.png
Elite void robe.png
Void knight gloves.png
Pegasian boots.png
Archers ring (i).png

Bring your best Ranged gear: Magic shortbow (i) & void, or d'hides and worse bows if you don't have/can't wear those.

(If bringing Melee, bring weapons that cover all 4 attack styles (Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive and Controlled), a scimitar is a good choice. Range is substantially better though.)

Turn off auto-retaliate.

  • Grab arrows from the dispenser, and run north-west, west of the cannon. Avoid middle!
  • Call & switch the arrows for every call.
  • Handy trick: the element for magic corresponds to the colour of the arrow. Air/white, fire/red, earth/green, water/blue.
  • Keep an eye on RuneLite's timer. Stop attacking before it changes. If not on RuneLite, try to get a feel for when it'll change, every 30s.
  • Do not attack when you don’t know which arrows to use! Better to wait until the call happens, than to lose points attacking incorrectly.
  • Queen: Collect spikes from the petrified mushrooms, use them on the egg(s), then use the egg(s) on the defender. Click on the cannon, and get ready to spam-click the omega egg button when the collector loads the egg(s).

Gameplay strategy[edit | edit source]

See Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Job summaries for basic gameplay information before perusing the strategies listed below.

Barbarian Assault gameplay is not quite as straightforward as it sounds. There are many ways your team can maximise the number of points earned. The following outlines some tactics players may employ in order to earn a high number of points each round.

The most basic rule of Barbarian Assault, and one of the easiest ways of avoiding penalties, is to remember to continually call with the horn given to each player at the beginning of the wave. Players should always promptly call out the correct action or item name to their teammates each time it changes. If players do not call, their team-mates are likely to perform the wrong action and, thus, incur penalties. Players should also remember that if they find themselves idle after completing their tasks, using the Horn of Glory is an excellent way of making sure that all members of a team are kept up-to-date. Using the cannon's red eggs to kill off penance runners is also efficient help for teams where everyone is being called. Red eggs should be used only on runners until all runners are dead—otherwise, they would be wasted, as the other Penance monsters can be killed rather quickly and easily.

Attacker[edit | edit source]

See Barbarian Assault/Gameplay#Attacker for basic gameplay information before perusing the strategies listed below.

In Barbarian Assault, Ranged is slightly more effective than attacking with melee. The optimal setup, as listed in the gear chart below, is full void with a magic shortbow (i). Before the round starts, ensure that your combat style is set to Rapid and that Auto Retaliate is turned off. As soon as each wave begins, click the red dispenser near the spawn point to get four types of arrows. Pay attention to the arrow that you should use as indicated in the top-right; these arrows are colour-coded based on magic spells so you don't have to memorise their names. For example, if the collector calls Aggressive/Blunt/Earth, you should equip the green arrows because earth spells are green. Once you have the arrows, run along the west side of the room (behind the cannon) to the northwest corner where the attackable monsters spawn. The Collector will call the correct arrow type with his horn. Make sure you call with your horn the type of egg that the Collector should pick up.

If using melee, make sure to have weapons that cover all four attack styles: Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled and Defensive. The Dragon scimitar has all four styles. Alternatively, you may bring two weapons such as an Abyssal whip and Saradomin sword. When the wave starts, run up along the west side of the room (around the cannon) to the northwest corner where the attackable monsters spawn.

You should bring potions as an attacker. If using Ranged, bring approximately 2 divine ranging potions and 2 divine super defence potions. If using melee, bring 2 divine super combat potions.

In teams with two attackers, one should focus on the Penance Fighters and one should focus on the Penance Rangers; this allows for faster wave completion and reduces the burden on each attacker. In teams with one attacker, it is advisable to swap between fighters and rangers so as to kill each at approximately equal rates. Remember to stop attacking when the call changes so you do not incur penalties from wrong attacks - each wrong attack will hit 0 damage on the penance, deal 2 damage to you, and cost a everyone on the team 1 point per missed hit. When you have finished your job, run to the eastern cannon platform and prepare to shoot eggs at healers or any stray runners.

If you find yourself at low hitpoints, run onto the western cannon platform to avoid most attacks, and then call for the healer by right-clicking your horn and clicking the "Medic" option. This will let them know you need healing. You may potentially attack fighters that are unable to reach you from this vantage point. However, be aware that rangers may still hit you unless you stand off to the side, so if there are rangers targeting you prioritise your own survival over continuing your role.