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Instructions: Calculate an individual player's chance at receiving an item.

Team size: The number of players in the raid (1-5)

Rooms entered: The number of rooms the individual player enters. This number should almost always be 6. However, a hardcore ironman might decide to skip some of the rooms to avoid dying.

Deaths: The number of deaths of the individual player.

MVP points: The number of bonus points that the individual player gets. There are always a total of 14 bonus points that are distributed between the teammates. Use the table below for reference:

MVP Bonus Points
Most Damage on Points
Maiden 2
Bloat 2
Nycolas Boss 1
Sotetseg 1
Xarpus 2
Verzik (phase 1) 2
Verzik (phase 2) 2
Verzik (phase 3) 2

template = User:Gau Cho/CoX Calculator/t
form = calculator
result = display
param = teammates|Team Size (1-5)|5|int|1-5
param = participate|Individual's Rooms Entered (0-6)|6|number|0-6
param = deaths|Individual Deaths|0|number|0-inf
param = mvp|MVP points (0-14)|2.8|number|0-14
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