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Collector[edit | edit source]

Colour: Yellow
Calls to: Attacker

Note: This role is not recommended for players with red-green colour blindness, which is 10% of the male population.

The Collector's job is to gather eggs dropped by killed Penance creatures. The Collector loads these eggs into the Egg Hopper, which then allows any teammate to fire the Egg Launcher.

There are three different coloured eggs: Red, Blue, and Green. At any given time, only one colour of egg can be picked up. It is virtually impossible for a red-green colorblind person to distinguish the red egg from green. The egg will explode and hit for 5 Hitpoints if the player picks up the wrong-coloured egg, reducing the total numbers of eggs collected by 1. The Attacker will tell the Collector which colour to pick up using their horn. The Collector is also given an Egg Collector Bag to store some eggs in, but the eggs can also be stored in the inventory.

While on the final wave (Wave 10; after the Penance Queen makes an appearance), the Collector's role is relatively easy. During this wave, the collector must run around the field collecting the yellow eggs left by the Queen. They must then hand these (Use on) to the Healer. They will receive them back as omega eggs and must then load them into the hopper to be fired at the Penance queen. As many as eight completed Omega eggs may be needed to kill the Queen.

Note: Be wary, since collectors must run near the Penance queen to obtain the eggs, they may take damage from both her melee AND ranged attacks, causing heavy damage. It's recommended to have a Healer nearby.

Quick overview[edit | edit source]

Everyone[edit | edit source]

  • Calling fast is the most important part of Barbarian Assault. You call by right-clicking the horn in your inventory.
    The interface for the things you need to use (ear icon). and call (mouth icon).
    The call changes every 30 seconds, if possible, use a timer that tells you when this happens, so you can call instantly.
  • Top right corner: ear icon is for what you need to do, mouth icon is what you need to call for the other role.
  • At the start of the wave, don't run through the middle, it makes the penance run all over the place, and we can't have that.
  • Attackers and collector run west, healer and defender run east. Try to stay on these sides at the start.
  • Between waves, the leader can quick-start the next wave by right-clicking the ladder in the lobbies.
  • A second Attacker or Healer is more useful than another Collector or Defender.

Collector (yellow)[edit | edit source]

  • Call instantly, then follow the attackers north-west, west of the cannon. Avoid middle!
  • Calling is your top priority, second highest is putting red eggs in the cannon to kill off penance that take too long to die.
  • Grab as many correct eggs as you can. If your inventory is full, fill the cannon, or destroy them by shift-clicking, and keep collecting them.
  • Queen: make sure there's at least one normal egg loaded before loading the omega egg, so the shooting interface shows up for your teammates to spam-click on.
  • Queen: Collect yellow egg(s) and pass them to the healer. Stand one tile from the hopper, use the omega egg(s) on it, when all your mates are ready to spam-click.

Collector[edit | edit source]

By collecting as many eggs as possible, you earn more honour points, so collect every correct egg you see until the wave ends. Call out to the attacker when the style changes if you want the egg colour called to you. When you have 5+ poison and explosive eggs, deposit into the egg launcher for the defender and other idle teammates to use against the penance runners. If you have a full inventory but cannot deposit into the egg launcher since it's full, use the egg converter to rid yourself of most of your eggs. This is one reason why you may not want to level up your collector level; the egg destruction method works best at level 2. You cannot use egg converter when level 1 collector. Another method to get rid of eggs, is to simply right-click and chose the option "destroy". This may come in handy if you don't want to run to the converter. Note that with "destroy", it destroys the first egg of that type in your inventory, which makes it easy to quickly destroy plenty of eggs, but the eggs in the bag are not destroyed. The best way to do this is to drag any egg of the colour you would like to destroy, to the last position of your inventory. Then, right click that egg in the bottom-right hand corner just right so that if you right click it once more, your cursor is already on “destroy”. This makes it as previously stated, easy to destroy a whole inventory of eggs in a matter of seconds so you can begin collecting more. During gameplay, it is important that the egg launcher is used to kill runners whenever possible, in order to prevent high penalties from runners that get away.

The egg launcher is almost completely useless against other monsters (except, of course, omega eggs used to kill the Penance Queen) due to their high HP, however, if they are hit by a large amount of poison and/or explosive eggs, it does help. Hitting any penance with an egg will also damage penance within a small radius around them, maximising damage per egg fired. During Wave 10, before the queen arrives, you can stand at the Horn of Glory to call for teammates and/or collect, convert, and fire eggs to kill penance because you cannot attack the queen until they are all killed.

There are times though that level 5 collector does come in handy, as you can pick up any egg type and convert the eggs into red; getting red eggs into the cannon faster than a normal level 2 collector who has to wait for the cycle to give him/her red eggs. This 100% red egg feedback function can be very helpful if the defender is either away-from-keyboard or is inexperienced at their job. Red explosives can save a lot of points for your team when used on runners.

Collectors in Wave 10 should start picking yellow eggs as quickly as they can, always watching their own health and keep trying to pick the eggs that are close to the pool, so the healer doesn't have to run and fight to be able to click on the collector. Before the queen arrives, it can be useful just to stay at the horn of glory and call out to team-mates as you will not get any extra points for collecting normal eggs. Take into account, however, you must kill all other penance before you can damage the queen so it could be useful to collect a few eggs for the purpose of killing the last one or two. Only a single egg is required to kill the queen, but up to eight can be used.