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Defender[edit | edit source]

Colour: Blue
Calls to: Healer

The Defender's job is to prevent Penance Runners from reaching the south end of the playing field. This is done by laying bait on the ground leading towards traps, so that the Runners will follow the food trail and get caught and killed in those traps. Bait can be obtained from the Defender machine near the entrance.

There are three types of bait: Worms, Tofu, and Crackers. Penance Runners will be attracted to all food types, no matter which one is called. However, the Penance Runner must eat the correct food type at the trap in order to be killed. The whole team will lose three honour points for each Runner that manages to escape. Thus, it is the Defender's duties to make sure that this does not happen too often (or at all). The Defender typically has an easy job on the final wave. As there are no penalties on Wave 10, there is less pressure to stop Runners from escaping.

Strategy tip 1: It is recommended to scatter as much bait as possible in a trail from in front of the Runner exit to the east trap. The direction of dropping is important as the Runners will always go for the most recently dropped food in range. This will draw the Runners towards the trap. Scatter the remaining bait next to the trap; so the Runners will stay near the trap until they eat the correct bait. As long as no Runners reach the other side, the Defender (and the team) will get full points; it does not matter if the Runners are killed by team members through the egg cannons.

Strategy tip 2: Dropping the wrong bait for luring can be more useful than the right bait, particularly for low level Defenders. Runners that eat the wrong bait will walk a considerable distance north at no penalty, allowing for the right bait to be used solely around the trapping areas. When the wrong bait is placed in a diagonal line leading from the Defender machine to the trap, the runners position themselves vertically in line with the trap. This also buys time for the defender to refill on bait, gather resources, block the northern caves on higher waves, and keep runners in range of the egg cannons.

A hammer and two logs respawn at the north end of the battlefield. These are used to repair the traps (as each trap can only kill two Runners before it breaks), and build barricades at the entrances. Barricades stop the Penance creatures from appearing for over ten seconds. However, building barricades will delay the team (including the Defender), preventing effective role performance. The Defender is better off concentrating on laying bait.

Note: Whether a bait is considered "right" or "wrong" is determined when the bait is dropped. This means that even after the food type changes, bait that was correctly dropped will still be considered correct when the Penance Runner eats it regardless of the new correct food type. The same holds true for food that was incorrectly dropped. In other words, the defender does not need to pick up old drops and replace them in order to produce their desired effect.

Quick overview[edit | edit source]

Everyone[edit | edit source]

  • Calling fast is the most important part of Barbarian Assault. You call by right-clicking the horn in your inventory.
    The interface for the things you need to use (ear icon). and call (mouth icon).
    The call changes every 30 seconds, if possible, use a timer that tells you when this happens, so you can call instantly.
  • Top right corner: ear icon is for what you need to do, mouth icon is what you need to call for the other role.
  • At the start of the wave, don't run through the middle, it makes the penance run all over the place, and we can't have that.
  • Attackers and collector run west, healer and defender run east. Try to stay on these sides at the start.
  • Between waves, the leader can quick-start the next wave by right-clicking the ladder in the lobbies.
  • A second Attacker or Healer is more useful than another Collector or Defender.

Defender (blue)[edit | edit source]

  • Watch "Beginner Barbarian Assault Defender Guide - Oldschool Runescape" by Lord Shayne, to get a visual guide on how to play Defender. Then read on to know what to focus on.
    This picture shows which tiles should have which quantities of food on them, green means correct food, red means incorrect food.
  • Turn on Ground Markers in RuneLite.
  • Mark the 4 tiles, according to the video/picture, by holding shift and right-clicking the tiles. Their names, from left to right, are log, main stack, trail, trap.
  • Queen is different, mark the tiles in the other picture. Otherwise runners get stuck on the poison pool north of the trap.
    For queen, the tiles are slightly different.
  1. Grab food from dispenser & call.
  2. Run to the eastern trap, LEFT-CLICK, DON'T SHIFT-CLICK drop 3-4 correct foods on the indicated spot (trap).
  3. Drop any food on the tile in between trap and main stack (trail).
  4. Drop 4 correct food on the main stack tile.
  5. Grab 1-2 logs first, and the hammer last.
  6. Run back to the trap, let two runners die, then stand on the trap bait (call should change right about now).
  7. Call as soon as it changes. Then drop all the food you have from the 2nd call on the bait tile.
  8. Repair the trap after two runners have died to it.
  9. Wait on the trap tile until all runners are stacked up.
  10. Then walk one tile south, stand directly on the trap. Wait there, and the runners will die all at the same time.
  11. If any remain, repair the trap, and repeat from step 9.
  12. If by chance any runners run south, drop incorrect food to make them go north again.
  13. Queen: Dunk the egg(s) you get in a lava pool, use it/them on the collector, then click on the cannon and get ready to spam-click the omega egg button.

Defender[edit | edit source]

This is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs to master. But, as impossible as it may seem, a skilled defender can easily be finished far before any of the other teammates. One way to stop runners from reaching the lure cave is by dropping a straight line of random types of bait parallel to the south wall, as it is almost an impenetrable barrier that stops runners from getting past. Important: There is no penalty for using the wrong type of bait, and there is also no penalty for using the egg launcher, so you can put up a line of bait and use explosive/poison eggs instead. Two explosive eggs/five poison eggs/one explosive egg plus two poison eggs kill a runner. Remember to call to the healer frequently. Blocking the caves using planks will only slow your team down and will not be required if you play defender properly and keep the bait line in place. Keep an eye out for the occasional single runner that gets past on the far left side. In Wave 10, you will not lose points if the runners go through the lure cave. Because the collector may not get the eggs loaded fast enough, here is a good strategy for actually getting them to the trap:

As soon as the wave starts, get the food and run north-east. Drop some of the correct food north of the trap or anywhere around it. Run north-west dropping correct foods, and focus on dropping a larger amount next to the big spike by the runners spawn cave. While there, grab enough logs and a hammer. Run back to the trap, and by now the call should be changing. You can time yourself being slow or fast by paying attention to which step you are when the call changes. Place the rest of the 2nd call food at the same spot you dropped the first foods, and make a pile of correct foods. An easier way to get multiple kills at the same time is to stand on top of the pile until you have 4-5 runners standing around you, waiting to feast on the lures. After you deem there are enough runners to be killed, move one square south off the pile. This will make a single runner eat the 1st food, but after some ticks the rest of the runners will eat all at the same time, performing a multi-kill. Remember that the trap will then be broken, so you'll have to fix it by using the logs and hammer. Repeat the process of stacking/killing and fixing when needed.

Amount of logs per wave needed:

  • Wave 1: 0
  • Wave 2, 3 & 4: 1
  • Wave 5, 6 & 7: 2
  • Wave 8: 3
  • Wave 9: 4
  • Wave 10: 2

Note: As said above, if you lure several runners at a time to multiple correct foods next to the trap, the trap will kill them all, even if it should have been broken. This way, you can kill, for example, three runners before you need to repair the trap, saving logs and time from the method.

After repairing the traps, look for any runners which may have gotten past. A good strategy to lure them back is to place a correct foods where you want it to go, then run to place a wrong food where you don't want it to go. Note: You need to drop the correct food on the traps; otherwise, the trap will not spring! The trap is good for killing two runners before it needs to be repaired. It's also a good idea to stick to the east trap as it's closer to the spawn tunnel. The western trap should hardly ever be used. Tips for when healers don't call (or don't call correctly):

  • Try to drop all three types of food equally, the runners are sure to pick up the right one eventually.
  • Don't forget to make the runners recoil by dropping food if they're getting too much south. You've got a 2/3 chance that they'll run back north once they come across your food.
  • Always call the healer, even if he doesn't. It is possible he just isn't good at calling, or simply forgot once. Chances are he'll get kicked out of the team on the next wave for not calling or not killing the penance healers.
  • If performing the strategy correctly, you should be able to stack all the runners around you with a pile of random food under you. You can wait for the correct call (if it happens) while having all runners gathered and drop 5 of the correct food under you. Wait 6 seconds at least, and move one square south.

Note: This will surely slow your defending down, but it is still better than just letting them all go south (making you lose points). Your teammates might get angry at you for being slow, but don't mind them.

A slight variation to the above method is to barricade the runner's cave (the third cave, going west to east) before checking on the trap. This gives you time to grab more logs, repair your trap and bait it again, before letting another two runners through and re-barricading the cave. This way is slower but better for points because it is unlikely many runners will reach the south cave. It should also be pointed out that this method is redundant for Wave 10, where you lose no points to runners getting past.

Here's another method, which works very well for some people. It is quite easy to do, and does not require a higher defender level. First, you should call and get the bait. Then, run to the right platform and use up all but 12 baits. Use ALL types, in a few different locations above the platform. Then, use ALL 12 of the other baits right on top of the trap. Now, go refuel baits and pick up logs/hammer. Repair as necessary, and keep stocking the baits as indicated above. Since the wrong bait only causes the runners to recoil, you can ensure that they all stay in the top right corner of the map. It seems as though the runners "pick" one bait within their range to go eat, and they will eat/recoil based on what type it is. This method may seem slow; however, it usually finishes faster than most other defender methods. Essentially, this method traps all the runners in one spot so they can't escape, and some of them end up running to the trap. As long as the defender restocks all the bait and repairs the trap, this method will allow the defender to get through all the waves with no escaped runners. Don't forget to call often! Another good thing about the above method is that it does not require the defender to know what type of bait is called.

At Wave 10, speed is of the essence, so don't mind runners getting past as much (though it might slow you down). Make sure they're dead before the queen shows up, since it will be very risky for you to kill them when she's shooting at you. Not to mention how stressed the healers will be if they need to keep running between you and the pool.

When you get the eight spiked eggs, dip them into lava (preferably the pools west of the healer pool, since it's the closest) and pass them on to the collector. Remember the collector is the only one who can load the omega eggs.

Also on Wave 10, the defender's job will get very easy as the east hill will be gone and the runners cave will now be the last one on the right instead of the second last one. This will make it possible to just put food on or around the trap and wait for runners to pass. Plus, there is a spot just south of the trap that runners might get stuck in, making it easy to pull the runners back to the trap by putting food behind them.

It is best if you work out your own method, like less barricading or luring the defenders from their cave to the trap with only correct food. Changing your methods often result to faster killing, but might let one runner slip. You will notice for example that a more defensive tactic is needed when doing higher waves, while you don't need to nearly drop as much incorrect food when in wave 1.