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Healer[edit | edit source]

"Healer" redirects here. For the healers in Fight Caves and Inferno, see Yt-HurKot and Jal-MejJak.

Colour: Green
Calls to: Defender

The Healer's job is to heal their teammates by bringing them a vial filled with water from the healer spring, and use poisoned food on the Penance Healers. Poisoned food and a healing vial can be found in the Healer machine near the entrance.

To heal teammates, the Healer must fill the vial at the spring (by either using the vial on it or using the right-click option on the spring), then use it on their teammates to restore their Hitpoints, cure poison, and restore some run energy. They can heal themselves in the same way by drinking from the spring.

To make the Healer's job a little easier, the Healer has an extra element in their interface at the bottom of the screen that displays the health of each teammate. If a teammate uses the "Medic" option on their horn, it will cause a green cross to flash next to their LP, which will continue to flash until that teammate is healed.

To poison the Penance Healers, they must use the correct type of poisoned food on them. There are three types of poisoned food: Poisoned worms, Poisoned tofu, and Poisoned meat. The Healer should use the correct type of poisoned food as called out by the Defender, which will change as time goes on. This poisons them with damage starting at 4. If the wrong type of food is used, the food will be wasted and no damage will be dealt. On Waves 1-5, a single poisoned food is enough to kill a Penance Healer; on Waves 7-10, at least two will be required for each healer. However, due to the nature of poison, as it wears off the damage will become diminished, so it is advised to use more to speed up kills. Note that the Penance Healers can be repeatedly damaged by feeding them poisoned food over and over.

Strategy tip: Once a poison pack is applied, the poison effect is substantial and very little else needs to be done. Since Penance Healers also move around quite a lot, it is often more effective to poison as many Penance Healers as possible in the short term and then alternate to healing fellow players before returning to poison the Penance Healers again. This way, even if Penance Healers remain at the end of the round, they are more easily dispatched through the use of the egg cannon. Honour points are rewarded for healing teammates, and the damage done by Penance Healers is minimal, so this strategy ensures high scoring games at low risk to players, with ease of destroying Penance Healers at the end of each round; however, it will lengthen the time it takes to complete each wave.

Quick overview[edit | edit source]

Everyone[edit | edit source]

  • Calling fast is the most important part of Barbarian Assault. You call by right-clicking the horn in your inventory.
    The interface for the things you need to use (ear icon). and call (mouth icon).
    The call changes every 30 seconds, if possible, use a timer that tells you when this happens, so you can call instantly.
  • Top right corner: ear icon is for what you need to do, mouth icon is what you need to call for the other role.
  • At the start of the wave, don't run through the middle, it makes the penance run all over the place, and we can't have that.
  • Attackers and collector run west, healer and defender run east. Try to stay on these sides at the start.
  • Between waves, the leader can quick-start the next wave by right-clicking the ladder in the lobbies.
  • A second Attacker or Healer is more useful than another Collector or Defender.

Healer (green)[edit | edit source]

Never run through the Defender when they're standing still north of the trap. If you do run through them, the runners will eat the food and not die together.

  • Grab food from dispenser & call.
  • Run up north-east and use 1 piece of correct food on each healer, so that they're all poisoned.
  • When they're all poisoned, burst one down by using a bunch of food on it, so that the reserves spawn sooner.
  • Once the poison starts dealing 3’s in damage, refresh their poison damage by using food on them again.
  • When you're out of food, run back to the dispenser, and grab more.
  • In low-level teams, also fill up your vial at the pool now.
  • Poison new healers that spawn & heal teammates by using the vial on them.
  • Queen: Poison the egg(s) you get, give it to the attacker, then click on the cannon and get ready to spam-click the omega egg button.

Healer[edit | edit source]

In order to heal advanced strategies, the player must first learn the penance healer spawn numbers per wave.

The strategy behind advanced healing is to have the reserve number of healers coming out ASAP while killing the remaining healers slowly, and once the new reserve healers are out, kill them ASAP to match the timing with the slow-dying healers. I.g. for wave 8, the number of spawns is 5-2 (means 5 healers will spawn at the same time, and 2 are reserves waiting for other healers deaths to spawn), means you have to kill 2 healers quickly while letting 3 healers die slow. Then for the last 2 healers that actually spawn, kill them asap while the other 3 you picked to die slow will be dying as well.

Although this sounds simple, it can be quite a task to keep track of which healers you've decided to kill fast, when to repoison slow dying healers, being at the spawn cave to poison the fresh spawned reserves. This is the skill it takes to be an elite healer.

To be safe, you can use another piece of food on a repoison healer whenever the first food is damaging 3's. This will ensure the healers death.

If you are done make your way to the cannon and help out whoever's falling behind. Remember, the team still gets full points when using one of the cannons.