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NPC attack and aggro range - Task active

Document 100 attack & aggro ranges onto the wiki.

The attack range and aggro range of most npcs is unknown. Help the wiki out by recording this information!

Available monsters for task

See User:Gau Cho/smwlookupthingy Google sheet is better probably for a list of pages that probably could use attack range.

Attack Range

Many monsters have attacks or special attacks that can occur at a distance. The maximum attack range of a monster is always a square.

To calculate the attack range, walk away from a monster until the monster has to walk towards you to hit you. Then, count the number of tiles it would take for you to walk under the monster. Example picture of 2x2 monster with 6 attack range or something.

Most monsters will have an attack range of 6 or is it ??7 tiles.

Note that each different possible attack performed by a monster needs to be verified. For example, Dust devils need both their normal attack (melee) and their special attack (without Facemask) verified. Skeletal wyverns have 3 attacks (melee, ranged, and icy breath). Each different attack may have a different maximum range.

It's possible for a ranged attack to have a range of 1. For example, a player attacking with a Black salamander can hit a monster diagonally, which is not the same as a melee attack.

Aggro Range

The aggro range is often the same distance as the attack range. However, this is sometimes not the case (e.g. Goraks, Fight Cave, Nightmare Zone).

To calculate the attack range, slowly walk towards a monster until it sees/targets you. Count the distance when the monster sees/targets you in the same manner as for Attack Range.

Editing the Wiki

Please add the information in the following format:

Attack range: "melee" for melee attacks, or else a number e.g. "2"

Aggro range: "infinite" if the monster always immediately targets you (e.g. Nightmare Zone), or else a number e.g. "3"

TODO: Get riblet to divide up attacks somehow?

Task Completion

A monster that has a melee attack and nothing else is worth 1 point. A monster with multiple attacks, or a Range/Magic attack is worth 2 points.

To reach 100 completed items, you must do the following for each item:

  • Edit the monster's page on the wiki and add the aggro range and attack range
  • Cross off the monster from the master page, writing your name beside. Indicate if the monster is worth 1 point or 2 points.
  • Save a screenshot demonstrating the monster's maximum attack range
    • You can submit the screenshots in a folder or in a Word document

Runescript stuff:

op triggers: adjacent tile (line-of-walk required)

ap triggers: ranged (line-of-sight required)