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 template = Template:FormCalcExamples/hidden
 form = hideExForm
 name = Example of toggled fields
 result = hideExResult
 param = tog1|Toggle a Group|true|toggleswitch||togroup|inline=Toggle to show/hide a group of inputs
 param = togroup|Toggled Group||group|inp1,inp2
 param = inp1|Input1||string
 param = inp2|Input2||string
 param = sel1|Select an input to display|Item 1|buttonselect|Item 1,Item 2,Item 3|Item 1=fix1;Item 2=fix2;Item 3=fix3
 param = fix1|Fixed input 1|Example 1|fixed
 param = fix2|Fixed input 2|Example 2|fixed
 param = fix3|Fixed input 3|Example 3|fixed
 param = num1|Change number to show/hide field|0|int||0=but1;not0=but2
 param = but1|Button for 0||togglebutton
 param = but2|Button for not 0||togglebutton
The JS calculator was not able to load.