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This article covers the many methods and techniques used to complete the [ Barrows] minigame.

==Defeating the Barrows Brothers==
Barrows is a dangerous, combat minigame that should not be attempted by players of low combat levels.  Ironically, the easiest method to slay the brothers is Magic, which can be high with a low combat level.  It is also highly advised to have at least 43 prayer for the protect melee prayer.
===<u>Recommended Stats</u>===
*A prayer level of at least 43
*A magic level of at least 41
*A ranged level of at least 60 OR an attack and strength of 70+
*A slayer level of 55 (and a magic level of 50) is extremely recommended.
The ranged/attack and strength recommendation if because of Ahrim's extreme magic defence makes it difficult to slay him without the use of a secondary combat style.
Magic is the most effective and most recommended method of slaying.  Magic also has a lot of versatility in the ways it can be used.  Depsite Karil being the ranger of the bunch, and having range armor with a high magic defense, he is quite vulnerable to magic attacks.  It should be noted that the crumble undead spell '''does not''' work on the Barrows brothers.

===='''Magic Dart'''====
*A slayer level of 55
*A magic level of 50
Also known as Slayer Dart, this spell hits rather hard and is extremely accurate, with little noticable differences towards a player's magic attack bonus.  Players with fully geared melee armor still manage to hit very often despite their extreme (very likely negative) magic attack bonus.  This makes magic dart ideal if players are intending to "tank" each brother while dishing out damage.  It's low requirements also make it an ideal choice for lower-leveled players who might have a hard time dealing damage otherwise.

It should also be noted that the reward loot received from the Barrows chest commonly gives death and mind runes, making it likely that the player will not only be sustained in runes, but will profit in both mind and death runes despite consuming them for the spell.

===='''Combat Magic'''====
*A magic level of at least 41 is extremely recommended (the higher, the better).
This method is more likely to be used by those who do not have the required slayer level to use magic dart (as even wave spells seem to be on par with magic dart).  It is highly '''''NOT''''' recommended to use bolt or strike spells, so a magic level of 41 is recommended so that the player can use at least Wind Blast.

The three God Spells are also an option, but are not recommended.  The rune-cost is inefficient and the spells themselves cannot be auto-casted (with the exception of Claws of Guthix, which can be auto-casted if a player has obtained the Void Knight Mace).  If a player wishes to use this method, it is highly recommended to have a magic level of 80 to use the spell charge, which can drastically improve the method's efficiency.

===='''Ancient Magicks'''====
With the completion of the Desert Treasure quest, a player has access to the powerful Ancient Magick spells which are very effective, but come with a high rune-cost and high magic level requirement.  However, many of the high-level runes required to cast Ancient Magicks are common Barrows Chest loot rewards and can possibly be sustained using just the chest loot, making them ideal.

*A magic level of at least 70 is highly recommended
Any spell weaker than Ice Burst should not be attempted, and if the player is 50-69 magic they should consider using regular spellbook spells as they will serve to be quite more effective than a ice rush or a non-ice spell. 

Ice Burst, Blitz, and Barrage are considered to be extremely effective and can be used in conjunction with other methods.  Using these spells makes it very easy to far-cast the melee Barrows brothers (use caution against Dharok).  Players who can use the spell Ice Barrage might find it more worthwhile to simply freeze the brother with Barrage, and then proceed to killing them with Ice Blitz due to its significant drop in cost while still having a high-sustaining damage output.  Players who cannot use Ice Barrage are urged to use either Ice Burst or Ice blitz for their full means of damage (it's not worth Ice Blitzing and then damaging with Ice Burst).  A player can also freeze one of the Barrows brothers and proceed to use Blood spells to heal any damage they've taken.

*A magic, strength, and ranged level of 70 are highly recommended
Going in par with the reccommended requirements, only a Black Salamander should be used as a slaying method.  Similarly to Magic Dart, a player can wear little to no magic-improving armor and still obtain a high damage and accuracy output from the salamander, making it another notable choice to "tanking" with magic.

A salamander can be far-casted (or more specifically, "short"-casted, because of its extremely low range, similar to that of a halberd, but even lower), making the best method to go about using the salamander is to have available the Ancient spells Ice Blitz or Ice Barrage.  A player should freeze the Barrows brother, and then take one step to the side of the Brother (so you are on his corner), then proceed to attack with the salamander.  (You will be able to get 4 hits in before the Brother is unfrozen if you use Ice Blitz, or 6 if you use Ice Barrage).

The salamander also has a range and melee option, making it possible to use it for Ahrim and Karil as well as all the melee brothers.