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Hi, this is God himself. I started playing RuneScape in 2001 as a small child with no membership or clue what was going on for many years. I started OSRS a few years after its release, and have been enjoying the game with newfound invigoration.

I enjoy learning as many details about the game as I can, and I enjoy efficient training methods (not necessarily playing the game macro-efficiently).

I main a prayer pure, God himself, and I started an ironman account, Big Rainbow, when I started grinding slayer. The OSRS Wiki has no mention of a prayer pure, but it most closely identifies as a skill pure with a few quest unlocks, most notably partial access to Morytania. Ironically, I find the ironman to be much less restricting than my prayer pure.

In real life, I am a college student studying Mechanical Engineering. My only language is English, but I have started self-learning Japanese. I have attempted Spanish and French in the past, but found them too boring due to similarities with English. よろしくお願いします。

God Himself is an elusive creature. Found rarely from time to time Specimen Cleaning. Be careful not to spook him, though.. He's holding a Rock pick, and that 90 Slayer is dangerous.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

God himself - Prayer Pure[edit | edit source]

God himself
Total level: 1446
Attack 1 Hitpoints 10 Mining 88
Strength 1 Agility 98 Smithing 78
Defence 1 Herblore 93 Fishing 98
Ranged 1 Thieving 48 Cooking 63
Prayer 76 Crafting 86 Firemaking 85
Magic 1 Fletching 84 Woodcutting 90
Runecraft 98 Slayer 90 Farming 91
Construction 75 Hunter 90
Combat level 12 Quest point icon.png 66 Music.png 312
As of 4 August 2021

Goal: 200m prayer exp and level 98 in all non-combat skills.

Accomplishments Date Achieved Pets Date Achieved
Fishing 98 Fishing 19 February 2019 Heron.pngHeron Missed
Runecraft 98 Runecraft 3 May 2019 Rift guardian (nature).pngRift guardian Missed
Agility 98 Agility 24 July 2019 Giant squirrel.pngGiant squirrel Missed
Slayer 90 Slayer 16 August 2020 Rock golem.pngRock golem, 83 Mining Unknown

Big Rainbow - Ironman[edit | edit source]

Big Rainbow
Total level: 2045
Attack 85 Hitpoints 96 Mining 89
Strength 95 Agility 95 Smithing 76
Defence 88 Herblore 87 Fishing 91
Ranged 95 Thieving 91 Cooking 87
Prayer 77 Crafting 99 Firemaking 90
Magic 93 Fletching 74 Woodcutting 89
Runecraft 73 Slayer 87 Farming 99
Construction 83 Hunter 88
Combat level 114 Quest point icon.png 277 Music.png 642
As of 4 August 2021

Goal: to be an entertaining distraction, with a fun, side-goal to try and max before I finish slayer on the prayer pure.

Accomplishments Date Achieved Pets Date Achieved
Crafting 99 Crafting 16 April 2020 Giant squirrel.pngGiant squirrel, 63 Agility Unknown
Farming 99 Farming 10 May 2020 Tangleroot.pngTangleroot, Unknown Unknown
Heron.pngHeron, 77 Fishing 13 February 2020
Pet snakeling.pngPet snakeling, 65 kc 5 August 2020