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{{Infobox Quest

|name = Dragon Slayer

|number = 17

|image = [[File:Dragon Slayer.png|300px]]

|members = No

|release = 23 September [[2001]]

|update = Dragon quest online!

|series = Guild

|difficulty = Experienced

|developer = Paul Gower


'''Dragon Slayer''' is a [[free-to-play]] [[Quests|quest]]. This quest is regarded as the most difficult for free-to-play players. Upon successful completion, players gain the ability to equip the [[rune platebody]], [[green d'hide body]], and their variants. It was also the last quest in ''RuneScape'' to be released before the addition of [[members]]hip.


{{Quest details

|start = Talk to the [[Guildmaster]], located inside the [[Champions' Guild]].

|difficulty = Experienced

|description = Prove yourself a true champion. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor and earn the right to buy and wear the Rune platebody.

|length = Long

|requirements = *{{SCP|Quest|32}} [[Quest points]] to enter the Champions' Guild

*{{SCP|crafting|8}} [[Crafting]] '''Optional unless you're an ironman'''

*The ability to defeat a level 83 [[Elvarg|dragon]]


  • {{SCP|Magic|33}} [[Magic]], otherwise you will have to pay 10,000 [[coins]]

|items = *A [[hammer]]

*3 [[plank]]s (just regular, not oak - found at [[Barbarian Outpost]] due north of the [[Agility course]], [[Graveyard of Shadows]], or at the [[spawn]] point in [[Port Khazard]])

  • 90 [[steel nails]] (members can obtain these from the [[Sawmill operator]] northeast of [[Varrock]], and they can be smithed by all players using 6 [[steel bar]]s at {{SCP|Smithing|34}} [[Smithing]])
  • An [[unfired bowl]] (requires {{SCP|Crafting|8}} [[Crafting]] to make)

*A [[wizard's mind bomb]] (bought in the [[Rising Sun Inn]] for 3 coins)

*A [[lobster pot]]

  • A piece of [[silk]] (can be stolen from the [[Ardougne]] [[silk stall]] (requires {{SCP|Thieving|20}} [[Thieving]]), or bought from [[Thessalia]] for 30 coins, or from the [[Al Kharid]] silk stall for 3 coins, 2 coins if you talk to him and refuse his first offer)

*The [[anti-dragon shield]] (obtainable from the [[Duke Horacio|Duke of Lumbridge]] after talking to the [[Guildmaster]] after visiting [[Oziach]].)

*2,000 [[coins]]

*A [[Ranged]]/[[Magic]] [[weapon]], an [[air rune]], and a [[law rune]] (if your Magic level is 33 or higher) ''or'' 10,000 coins

'''Strongly recommended:'''

|recommended =

*A [[combat bracelet]] (charged) can be used teleport to the [[Edgeville Monastery]] and [[Champions' Guild]], and/or an [[amulet of glory]] can be used to teleport to [[Edgeville]], [[Draynor Village]], [[Karamja]], and [[Al Kharid]]. Saves a lot of time running. ([[members]] only)

*The [[Chronicle]] can be used to teleport to the [[Champions' Guild]] easily.

*[[Anti-fire potion]]s - These will significantly lower the damage of the dragon's magic attacks.

|kills = *[[Zombie rat]]s ''(level 3)''*

*[[Ghost]]s ''(level 19)''*

*[[Skeleton]]s ''(level 22)''*

*[[Zombie (Common)|Zombies]] ''(level 24)''*

*[[Melzar the Mad]] ''(level 43)''

*[[Lesser demon]] ''(level 82)''

*[[Wormbrain]] ''(level 2) - optional''

*[[Elvarg]] ''(level 83)''

**Some of these creatures, which are denoted by an asterisk, there is only one of each that drops the required key. They can be noted by small differences stated in the guide.



Talk to the [[Guildmaster]] in the [[Champions' Guild]], and ask him for a quest. He will then tell you to visit [[Oziach]], who is located west of [[Edgeville]] and is very close to the [[Wilderness]]. Oziach says that to be able to buy a [[rune platebody]] from him, you have to kill the [[green dragon]], [[Elvarg]], located on the desolate island of [[Crandor]].

Return to the Champions' Guild, and talk to the Guildmaster again. He will be shocked and will tell you that you will need to obtain three pieces of the map to get to the island, a boat to reach Crandor, and a shield to protect yourself from the dragon's fire.

:'''Important:''' You '''must ask him every question''' you can; otherwise, you won't be able to progress in the quest.

Ask him where [[Melzar]]'s piece is to obtain the [[maze key]] ('''must''' have open inventory slot), and make sure you ask him where the maps are and where to get an [[anti-dragon shield]]. The shield can be obtained from [[Duke Horacio]] in [[Lumbridge]], or for very cheap at the [[Grand Exchange]].

:'''Note:''' To save time, make sure you talk to the Guildmaster about buying a boat (ask how you can get to Crandor and where to get a ship) before you go see [[Klarense]] in [[Port Sarim]] later in the quest. This will save you having to walk back to the Guild after collecting the map.

===Obtaining the map pieces===

These map pieces may be obtained in any order. When you have all three, use any piece on another piece to form the complete [[Crandor map]].

====Melzar's map piece====

{{Main|Melzar's Maze}}

'''''Items required:''' The [[Maze key]], [[food]] and [[combat]] [[equipment]]. (The most difficult enemy is the [[lesser demon]]; you can [[safespot]] it with [[Magic]]/[[Ranged]] and with [[melee]] as well.)''

[[File:Melzar's Maze Guide.png|frame|[[Melzar's Maze]]]]

[[File:Orangekeyghost.png|thumb|105px|Ghost that drops the [[orange key]].]]

[[File:Dragon Slayer Lesser demon safespot.png|thumb|220px|The [[lesser demon]] in [[Melzar's Maze]] can be safe spotted using [[Ranged]] or [[Magic]].]]

The first piece is found in [[Melzar's Maze]]. You will need food if you have a low [[combat level]]. Melzar's Maze can be found north-west of [[Rimmington]], south of the [[Crafting Guild]], and west of [[Port Sarim]]. (If your [[house portal]] is located here, you may wish to teleport to house and exit portal.) To get inside of Melzar's Maze, you must use the [[Maze key|key]] you get from the [[Guildmaster]] in the [[Champions' Guild]] when you've started the quest. Once inside Melzar's Maze, do the following:

#Kill the small [[zombie rat]] with a long tail to get a [[red key]]. Once you have the red key, use it on the door that is most north(the room has a bookcase, poster, table and chairs in it), and go up the ladder.

#You will find yourself in a room full of [[ghost]]s; kill the hooded ghost wearing a tube top and without a cape to receive an [[orange key]]. To the east of the ladder that you came up, go through the second door from the north, and go up the ladder.

#You will find yourself in a room full of [[skeleton]]s. Kill the skeletons with small, round shields until you get a [[yellow key]]; open the southwestern door, and go down the ladder at the end of the room.

#Go down the ladder again, and again, until you find yourself in a room with two [[Zombie (Common)|zombie]]s and a blue door. Don't use the normal exit door. If by chance you exit through the normal door, you will have to start the maze over again. Kill the zombies until you get a [[blue key]]. Use the key on the blue door to get to the next room.

#In this room, you will need to kill [[Melzar the Mad]] (level 43). For lower level [[mage]]s or [[ranged|rangers]], it might be possible to trap a spider between you and [[Melzar]], preventing him from using his [[Melee]] attack, which causes him to do nothing for long periods of time during the fight. After you have killed him, pick up his [[magenta key]], and use it to open the magenta door.[[File:Demon Melee Safespot.gif|thumb|220px]]

#In this room, there is a [[lesser demon]] (level 82). There is a [[safespot]] for rangers/mages and for meleers as well. For mages and rangers, stand one square to the right of the magenta door when looking north (this spot can also be used with a halberd). For meelers, lure the demon to the western part of the room, and attack it at his maximum attack range then walk one square west to make it lose interest, repeating that strategy as many times as needed (see gif to the right). Kill it to get a [[green key]]; use this key on the green door then '''open and search the chest to get a map part.'''

#Go up the ladder, and exit through the doors.

====Thalzar's map piece====

'''''Items required:''' An [[unfired bowl]], a [[wizard's mind bomb]], a [[lobster pot]], and [[silk]].''

[[File:Dwarven Mines.png|200px|thumb|[[Dwarven Mine]]]]

To obtain this piece, you'll need an [[unfired bowl]], created in the [[Crafting]] skill, a [[Wizard's mind bomb]], which can be bought in [[Falador]] for 3 [[coins]], a [[lobster pot]], which can be bought in [[Port Sarim]] for 20 coins, and a piece of [[silk]], which can be bought in [[Al Kharid]] or stolen from a [[silk stall]] with level 20 [[Thieving]]. When you have all these items, talk to the [[Oracle]], who is located on the northern end of [[Ice Mountain]].

Then, when the Oracle is done talking, go into the [[Dwarven Mine]] with all those items. Look for a magic door in the northeastern part of the mines. It is just before you see [[scorpion]]s. When you've found it, you must use all of your items on the door to open it. Open the chest and search for the second map piece.

:'''Note:''' Placing the wrong items into the door or putting some in, leaving, then coming back, and putting in the rest of the items will not cancel out the items already placed in the door. '''Be careful not to left click your Wizard's Mind Bomb, as you will consume it rather than use it.'''

====Lozar's map piece====

'''''Items required:''' 10,000 [[coins]] '''or''' [[Ranged]]/[[Magic]] [[combat equipment]], an [[air rune]] and a [[law rune]] (33+ [[Magic]] required).''

[[File:Port Sarim Jail.png|thumb|200px|Port Sarim Jail]]

The third and final piece can be obtained by talking to [[Wormbrain]]. Use one of two different ways to get the map piece from Wormbrain, located in [[Port Sarim Jail]].

*You can attack him using [[Ranged]] or [[Magic]]. Once his health reaches zero, he will say "Ow!" and drop the map part for you to [[telegrab]] (if you bought an extra [[Wizard's Mind Bomb]], you can drink it to boost your Magic level +2).

*Alternatively, you can pay him 10,000 [[coins]] in exchange for it.

With all three map pieces, simply use two together, and they will all combine into the [[Crandor map|treasure map]].

===Obtaining a boat===

'''''Items required:''' A [[hammer]], the [[Crandor map]], 90 [[steel nails]], 3 [[plank]]s, and 2,000 [[coins]].''

[[File:Crandor map interface.png|thumb|220px|Crandor Map with all 3 pieces combined.]]

:'''Note:''' You will need to talk to the [[Guildmaster]] about buying a boat before you go see [[Klarense]], but only if you haven't asked him already.

You will need 90 [[steel nails]] and three [[plank]]s. To obtain the steel nails, you can either [[Smithing|smith]] six [[steel bar]]s into nails (requires level 34 Smithing, which is boostable), or you can buy them from the [[Sawmill operator]] north-east of [[Varrock]] or from other players. Next, get a [[hammer]] and 2,000 [[coins]]. Go to [[Port Sarim]] and look for [[Klarense]], a sailor. He is located on the second-most southern dock. He will sell you his boat named [[Lady Lumbridge]] for 2,000 coins. Pay him the 2,000 coins, and the boat is now yours. Go on the ship and go inside it. Repair the hole in the ship by using the planks with the hole.

:'''Note:''' If you forgot your hammer, and are on a [[members]]' world, you can buy one from a [[Trader Crewmember]] on the dock to the south, travel to the [[Void Outpost]] and buy one from the general store, or you can attack the [[goblins]] to the west until one is dropped.

Do this three times, and the hole will be repaired. Next, go to [[Draynor Village]] and find [[Ned]], the person who makes [[rope]]s for you. Ask him to be the captain and help sail you to [[Crandor]]. Make sure you have the [[Crandor map]] in your inventory, or you will need to retrieve it from your bank. He will agree and tell you to meet him on your ship.

===The fight===

'''''Items required:''' [[Food]], [[combat]] [[equipment]] and the [[anti-dragon shield]].''

[[File:Crandor location.png|thumb|200px]]

Now, it is time to prepare. Equip the [[Anti-dragon shield]], some [[armour]], and a [[weapon]]. [[Elvarg]] is weak against [[Stab weapons|stab attacks]] as well as [[Ranged#Weapons|Ranged]], so consider bringing an [[adamant sword]] or [[Adamant dagger|dagger]], or (if a [[member]] and 60 [[Attack]]) a [[dragon dagger]], or your best [[crossbow]] with the best [[bolts]] you can use. Elvarg is not immune to [[poison]], so adding [[weapon poison]] will make the battle go much smoother, thus a dragon dagger (p++) would be superb. The rest of your inventory should be filled with food; [[lobster]]s or [[swordfish]] should do. Swordfish are preferable to lobsters since they heal more per bite (14 vs 12), but with a [[combat level]] of around 40 and appropriate gear, you should be able to easily defeat Elvarg with just lobsters. If your stats are lower, you can buy or cook [[meat pizza]]s or [[anchovy pizza]]s with level 45 [[Cooking]] to bring as they heal more [[Hitpoints]] per inventory slot, but require a second bite to consume. A meat pizza heals 8 HP per bite (16 total) while an anchovy pizza heals 9 per bite (18 total).

[[File:Dragon Slayer - Cabin boy Jenkins fried.png|thumb|220px|A reason why good defence and dragonfire protection is needed to face Elvarg.]]

[[File:Crandor and Karamja Dungeon map.png|thumb|200px|[[Crandor and Karamja Dungeon]]]]

Go to your ship and sail to the island [[Crandor]]. After crashing on the island, make your way through the island to the top, avoiding the monsters there. You'll see stairs behind some [[lesser demon]]s. Run past them, and go down the stairs. You'll be in a cave surrounded by [[skeletons]]. Keep walking and you'll see Elvarg behind a door in a room.

Before you enter the room, make sure that your anti-dragon shield is equipped. Also, if you go south a little further past the lesser demons, you should see a wall with an open option. Push it to go through and unlock a shortcut back to Elvarg in the event that you die or teleport away. Now, go in and fight Elvarg.

====Battle strategies====

Consider having [[Protect from Magic]] activated as [[Elvarg]]'s [[Fire Blast]]-like, magical attacks hit high. Again, using a [[stab weapon]] like a [[dragon dagger (p++)]] is a good idea since [[Dragon (race)|dragons]] are weak to stab. If you also use [[Ranged]] on the dragon, make sure you are using a one-handed weapon such as a [[crossbow]], unlike a [[bow]], which is two-handed. With a crossbow, you are still able to equip the [[anti-dragon shield]] necessary in the quest.

If you are using magical attacks, make sure you are using tier-2 [[Magic]] (i.e. [[Bolt spells]] such as [[Wind Bolt]], [[Water Bolt]], etc.) or higher and can equip the anti-dragon shield. Also, bring [[teleportation]] [[runes]] just in case you are about to die.

It is important to note that if you use an anti-dragon shield, as well as a drinking a dose of [[antifire potion]], Elvarg can only hit a maximum of 7 (3 or 4 if combined with Protect from Magic) with her magical attack instead of 11, thus saving you a lot of food.

If you are around 35 [[Defence]], or more, it may be advised to stand next to Elvarg, rather than [[safespotting]], as her mage hits can easily outweigh her [[melee]] hits. It is also advised to stand under her while you eat, as it will save food by not getting hit whilst you can't hit.

Lower levels and [[iron men]] without antifire potions are advised to use a [[ring of recoil]], as Elvarg's fast hits make it particularly useful in dealing back damage.

If you die or teleport away, you will need to repair the boat again, unless you open the shortcut. If you did open the shortcut, you will not be able to travel to Crandor again by boat. You must use the entrance underneath [[Karamja Volcano]].

If you happen to teleport away, Elvarg will not heal if you go back quick enough. So, if you get her down low enough and leave, she will still be injured, making her much easier to kill the second time around.

===Finishing up===

Once [[Elvarg]] is defeated and you have triumphed, slice and collect [[Elvarg's head]]. Either teleport out, or go through the shortcut and past the deadly red spiders, to the south east of the dungeon where the skeletons are, and climb up the hanging rope to arrive on top of karamja volcano. From here, journey to your victory and head to [[Edgeville]], straight to [[Oziach]] with Elvarg's head in order to prove your feat (although the head is not required in order to complete the quest).


{{Quest rewards

|name = Dragon Slayer

|image = [[File:Dragon Slayer reward scroll.png|centre]]

|qp = 2

|rewards = *{{SCP|Strength|18,650}} [[Strength]] [[experience]]

  • {{SCP|Defence|18,650}} [[Defence]] experience

*The ability to wear the [[rune platebody]] and [[green d'hide body]]

*Access to [[Crandor]]



*When speaking to Oziach at the start of the quest he asks you how you found out he sells the rune platebody. If you reply 'I am a master detective', and having completed the Murder Mystery quest, your character will exclaim that they even solved the Sinclair murder mystery all by themself.

*When speaking to Duke Horacio during 'The Lost Tribe' quest Sigmund mentions to him that you are the same adventurer who defeated Elvarg.

{{Dragon Slayer}}

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