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Less Fluff More Questing: Improving the quality of quest guides

  • More accurate and helpful images
  • Creating more quick guides to skip the fluff, no more long run on sentences mixing lore with instructions. It really lowers the quality of people looking for good walkthroughs and I want to fix that. For example:
  • Instead of
    "walk northeast to the building next to the tree and talk to the guy walking around there in a silly hat who will tell you that the other guy is the bad guy because a generation ago he released an army of undead upon Varrock and ask you for your help collecting perfect gold ores because is girlfriend really likes jewelry, this is because perfect gold jewelry is shiny. Before he asks you to help him with the gold ores you must please his feeble ego ":
  • I will add a quick-guide:
A world map image marking the NPC's location and the perfect gold ore location
  • Talk to guy.
  • Progress conversation.
  • Select "You look good today" when prompted.
  • Select "Yes, I'll help" when prompted.
  • Mine perfect gold ore
  • Return to guy.