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Total level: 1192
Attack 55 Hitpoints 56 Mining 55
Strength 56 Agility 57 Smithing 51
Defence 58 Herblore 43 Fishing 53
Ranged 50 Thieving 50 Cooking 58
Prayer 48 Crafting 52 Firemaking 55
Magic 57 Fletching 52 Woodcutting 60
Runecraft ---- Slayer 43 Farming 49
Construction 43 Hunter 47
Combat 70 Quest point icon.png 218 Music.png ----

I lost membership about a month ago after getting quite deep into the game. I'm therefore not letting myself get membership again soon, but that leaves plenty of extra spare time to work on the wiki. That's healthy, right?...

I enjoy focusing on individual pages that need care and maintenance, or simplifying long run-on paragraphs or sentences with unnecessary prose. That is opposed to, say, working on templates or categories across many articles.

I include short summaries for all edits, even though that doesn't seem to be in vogue around here at the moment.

Projects[edit | edit source]