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A unique NPC was forked into different characters[edit | edit source]

Austri/Vestri: 28th May 2002 or 10th April 2006[edit | edit source]


The entrance to the Dwarven Tunnel was at first guarded by a Mountain Dwarf (232) on both sides. On 10th April 2006, this was split into two characters Austri (232) and Vestri (3679) with the same appearance and examine as the original.

Captain Dalbur: 12th December 2002 or 24th April 2006[edit | edit source]

Captain Dalbur.png

Gnome gliders were all originally manned by generic Gnome pilots (170). On the 24th April 2006 they were replaced with individual Captains (3809-3813) who resembled the originals.

Emily/Kaylee/Tina: 6th April 2001 or 20th February 2006[edit | edit source]


The Rising Sun Inn in Falador was originally run by a generic Barmaid (736). On 20th February 2006, she was replaced by three unique individuals, Emily (736), Kaylee (3217), and Tina (3218)

Aluft Gianne Sr/Jr: 12th December 2002 or 9th August 2006[edit | edit source]

Aluft Gianne snr..pngGianne jnr..png

Originally the gnome restaurant was run by Aluft Gianne (850). On 9th August 2006 this character was split into Aluft Gianne Sr (850) and Gianne jnr (4572). Gianne Sr looks similar to the original NPC.

A generic NPC was replaced in one location by a unique character[edit | edit source]

Ellis: 23rd June 2001 or 24th October 2005[edit | edit source]


A tanner (804) could be found in Al Kharid and the Crafting Guild. On 24th October 2005 the Al Kharid Tanner was replaced with Ellis (2824) who had the same appearance as the original. The crafting guild tanner remained unchanged.

Wizard (Watchtower): 7th May 2003 or 5th December 2006[edit | edit source]

Wizard (Watchtower, 1).pngWizard (Watchtower, 2).pngWizard (Watchtower, 3).png

The wizards (13) in the Watchtower were the same as elsewhere. On 5th December 2006 they were replaced with new graphically unique wizards (5195-5197)

Witch: 6th April 2001 or 12th December 2006[edit | edit source]


A level 25 Witch (176) could be found in Draynor Manor and Al Kharid. On 12th December 2006 the Draynor witch was replaced with a non-attackable Witch (5200) with identical appearance and examine.

A unique NPC was replaced by another unique NPC:[edit | edit source]

Alice’s Husband: 15th February 2005 or 12th December 2006[edit | edit source]

Alice's husband.png

The original inhabitant of the Port Phasmatys farm was the Ghost Farmer (1701). Later with Farming, Alice was also added. Then on 12th December 2006, the farmer was replaced with Alice’s Husband (5202) who looked similar to the original.

Knight (Falador Party Room): 10th February 2004 or 24th July 2007[edit | edit source]

Knight (Falador Party Room).png

The Seers’ Village party room had several dancing knights (660), based on those of Camelot. When the party room was moved on 24th July 2007, new knights (6201) were added with the same examine, but obviously based on those from Falador instead.

A unique NPC was updated:[edit | edit source]

Black Knight Captain: 6th April 2001 or 15th August 2006[edit | edit source]

Black Knight Captain.png

The Black Knights’ Fortress quest originally featured a unique Black Knight (610), which appeared identical to generic knights. On 15th August 2006 the NPC was graphically updated and renamed to Black Knight Captain (610).

Other cases[edit | edit source]

Digsite workman/Doug Deeping: 9th July 2003 or 31st July 2006[edit | edit source]

Digsite workman (1).pngDigsite workman (2).pngDigsite workman (3).pngDoug Deeping.png

The first workers on the digsite were the Digsite Workmen (613,614). On 31st July 2006 they were replaced by updated Digsite Workmen (613,4564,4565) and a new character called Doug Deeping (614). All these characters had the same examine as the original, but a different appearance.

Barbarian: 4th January 2001 or 20th February 2006 or 29th May 2007[edit | edit source]

Barbarian (Blue Moon Inn).png

At first Barbarian village was populated by generic Barbarian women (17). Later on 20th February 2006 several named Barbarians (3246-3263) were added as well. Then, on 29th May 2007 with the Varrock graphical update a new Barbarian (5909) was added, and the original removed. If all parts have been replaced is it still the same barbarian?

Werewolves: 29th June 2004 or 4th June 2007[edit | edit source]


Villagers in Canifis would originally turn into a generic Wolfman (1030-1032) or Wolfwoman (1033-1035) when attacked. On 4th June 2007 the villagers were all given unique NPCs, and individual Werewolves (6006-6025). These have the same examine as the wolfmen and wolfwomen.