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I am playing OSRS as SimpForUrDad right now. Feel free to add me!

I started playing Runescape 2 back in 2007. I was in middle school at the time, and when my friends introduced it to me, it quickly became a much-needed escape for me. I and D, J, and J, played for about 4 years throughout most of high school, and I have some really nice memories from that time. Sadly, I lost my main and only account in 2011. I still remember the day I logged in and saw my bank was cleared. I was devastated, but I had been becoming rather dissatisfied with the game after the addition of Dungeoneering and microtransactions. I stopped playing for a long time, but we all know that you never truly quit Runescape; you just take extended breaks.

My 8 year extended break came to an end in December of 2019, when saw the mobile OSRS app, and I was instantly hooked all over again. I made a new main account and started playing from scratch.

Big Goals

  • Quest Cape ACHIEVED!
  • Achievement Diary Cape
  • Music Cape
  • First skill to 99
  • Full Graceful + Favorite Recolor
  • Colored Slayer Helm