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Hey everybody! Welcome to my profile. I've been playing RuneScape since 2005 (on and off of course). I've just recently hit my ten year veteran mark. I quit playing RuneScape when EOC came out, with no intentions of ever coming back to RuneScape. Luckily, I saw one of my friends post on Facebook saying an official 2007 version of runescape was out. I was ecstatic, and instantly subscribed to RuneScape. I played casually on and off for awhile, but now I'm here to stay. I've achieved three 99s so far, and continue to get more. I've just recently became active on the Wiki, even though I've had an account for awhile. I'm slowly getting use to everything, and if you ever need to ask me anything go to my talk page. I also post on reddit sometimes, and you can find me under the same name - Reddit Account