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iLugag is a Runescaper who joined in 2004, just months after the implementation of the Scythe item obtained during the 2003 Halloween event. In his numerous years of playing Runescape on and off, recently joined the Oldschool Runescape scene, in which he is currently a nobody and shouldn't have a wiki page for him. However! While creating his Wiki account, the WIki gave him the option to make one, so he did, and here we are.

Investing a great deal of time into Mainsite Runescape, currently Runescape 3, he aims to max his account sometime in the near future.

iLugag is a budding video maker and Runescape streamer. Though known only by those in the clan he is a part of, T E P, his endeavors usually go uncompleted or delayed. He hopes to provide the Runescape community with "Finer Runescape Tutorials," whether successful at this or not is up to his viewers.