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This page is an attempt to document every piece of functionally similar or identical content between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. This list is a work in progress list and may not be comprehensive.

Pets[edit | edit source]

OSRS RS3 Function
Baby chinchompa Ace Skill pet: Hunter
Beaver Woody Skill pet: Woodcutting
Giant squirrel Dojo Mojo Skill pet: Agility
Heron Bubbles Skill pet: Fishing
Rift guardian Rue Skill pet: Runecraft, note: Rune guardian might be more appropriate because it actually has the altar functionality.
Rock golem Rocky Skill pet: Mining
Rocky Ralph Skill pet: Thieving
Tangleroot Brains Skill pet: Farming
Baby Mole Molly (pet) Boss pet: Giant Mole
Prince black dragon King Black Dragonling Boss pet: King Black Dragon
Pet corporeal critter Corporeal Puppy Boss pet: Corporeal Beast

Items[edit | edit source]

OSRS RS3 Function
Gricoller's can Magic watering can Watering can upgrade, charges vs no charges.
Ancient wyvern shield Dragonfire ward Magic Dragonfire shield
Dragonfire ward Dragonfire deflector Ranged Dragonfire shield
Hespori seed Jade vine seed Repeatable farming boss seed.

Other[edit | edit source]

OSRS RS3 Function
Hespori Wild jade vine Repeatable farming boss.