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Another Garlics 'Bout myself.[edit | edit source]

RuneScape Username: Darker ID

Date Started RuneScape: 2008, of April

Active: Old-School RuneScape 2007 and Evoulution of Combat RuneScape

In-Active: FunOrb and RuneScape Classic

2007 Minigames[edit | edit source]

-Barbarian Assault
-Blast Furnace
-Brimhaven Agility Arena
-Burgh de Rott Ramble
-Burthorpe Games Room
-Castle Wars
-Duel Arena
-Fishing Trawler
-Gnome Ball
-Gnome Restaurant
-Impetuous Impulses
-Mage Arena
-Mage Training Arena
-Pest Control
-Pyramid Plunder
-Ranging Minigame
-Rat Pits

2007 Miniquests[edit | edit source]


-The General's Shadow
-The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
-Balloon Transport System
-Barbarian Training
-The Curse of Zaros
-Enchanted key
-Hunt for Surok
-Knight Waves Training Grounds
-Rag and Bone Man Wishlist
-Rogue Trader
-Varrock Museum

  • Complete*


2007 D&Ds[edit | edit source]

-Champions' Challenge
-Tears of Guthix
-Treasure Trails (Level 1-3 Clues)

2007 High-Level Gear[edit | edit source]

*Take Note that Barrows items has the highest lvl for any armour or weapon in the game, therefore currently being the best; however its degradeable.
*Also Spears/Hastas could be poisoned with (KP), the best weapon poison in the game.
*Daggers, Darts, Knifes, Javelins?, Thrownaxes?, Brutal?, Arrows?, and bolts? can also be poisoned.
Godwars Dungeon Has Been Release Since October 2013.

-All Barrows Items (Including Barrow's Gloves 10)
-Void Knight Armour
-Barbarian Assult Items
-All 3rd Age Armour (Non degradeable)
-Amulet of Fury
-Black Salamander (A Good Tribrid Weapon)
-Ring of Wealth
-God books (Zamorak, Guthix, Saradomin)

  • Melee
    -Dragon Armour (Full/Med Helm, Gloves, Boots*, Platelegs/skirt, Chainbody, Sq Shield)
    -Rune Armour (Full/Med Helm, Gloves, Platelegs/Skirt, Platebody, Chainbody, Kiteshield, Sq Shield)
    -Dragonfire Shield
    -Rune Defender
    -Obsidian Items (Shield, Cape, Fire Cape)
    -Rune Boots/Climbing boots
    -Crystal Shield
    -Granite Shield
    -Bandos Armour (Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots)
  • Ranged
    -Ranger Boots
    -Robin Hood Hat
    -Black Dragonhide (Body, Legs, Vambraces)
    -God Coif (Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix)
    -Ava's Device (Attractor, Accumulator)
    -Armadyl Armour (Armadyl Helm, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Legs)
  • Magic
    -Lunar Items
    -Infinty Items
  • Prayer
    -Monk Robes > Proselyte armour > Initiate armour

High Level Runescape 2007 Weapons

  • Melee
    -Abyssal whip
    -Darklight (Demon Weapon)
    -Dragon Items (Longsword, Battleaxe, Spear, Dagger, Mace, Halberd, Scimitar, Hatchet, 2h Sword)
    -Obsidian Items (TokTz-xil-ak, Toktz-xil-ek, Tzhaar-ket-om, Tzharr-ket-em,)
    -Rune Items (Dagger, Claw, Mace, Sword, Longsword, Scimitar, Spear, Hasta, Warhammer, Battleaxe, 2H sword)
    -Granite Maul
    -Godswords (Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin)
    -Saradomin Sword
    -Zamorakian Spear
  • Ranged
    -Dark Bow (Shoots up to Dragon)
    -Crystal Bow
    -Magic Short/Long Bow (Shoots up to Rune)
    -Toktz-xil-ul (Projectile)
    -Rune Bolts/Arrows/Brutal/Darts/Javelins/Thrownaxes/Knifes
    -Rune Crossbow
    -Armadyl Crossbow
    -Dragon Arrows/Darts
    -Red Chins (Training Weapon)
    -Iron Knifes (Training Weapon)
  • Magic
    -Void Knight Mace (The Auto-cast feature is nice)
    -God Staffs (The Guthix Spell Would be considered the most powerful spell to use in conjunction with Charge)

Best Skiller Items

  • Rune Pickaxe (Mining)
  • Dragon Axe (Woodcutting)
  • Mining Helmet (Light Source)

High Level Combat Rings

  • Melee
    -Berserker (Extra Strength Bonus)
    -Warrior (Extra Melee Bonuses)
  • Ranged
    -Archer (Extra Ranged Bonuses)
  • Magic
    -Seers' (Extra Magic Bonuses)

Patches Since Old-School RuneScape 2007 Release[edit | edit source]

-22nd February

   Player owned Housing and the Construction skill have been temporarily disabled.
   The Barbarian Assault minigame has been temporary disabled.
   The Slug Menace quest has been temporary disabled.
   The Death to the Dorgeshuun quest has been temporary disabled.
   Unidentified herbs have been changed to grimy herbs.
   The respawn timer for resources and NPC’s on Tutorial Island has been reduced.
   An issue with players being able to eat food with 0 HP has been fixed.
   An issue with players being stuck on Fishing Trawler minigame has been fixed.
   The logout timer has been changed from 90 seconds to 5 minutes.
   Various performance improvement fixes have been made.
   Various security improvement fixes have been made.

-25th February

   The change for herbs from "unidentified" to "grimy" was reverted, by popular request.
   Trade/Challenge offers will work more reliably for players with spaces in their names.
   Behind-the-scenes preparatory work for a downloadable client was completed (see Accessing Old School RuneScape on the Client).

-27th February

   The ESC key will once again switch your side-panel to the inventory.
   A technical problem that had caused some of the game worlds to go offline has been fixed.
   The server's internal log has been changed as it was getting spammed unnecessarily.
   A quest animation was interrupting other game features and so has been fixed.

-5th March

   Player-Owned Houses are now accessible enabling the proper training of Construction.
   The Slug Menace quest is now available, providing access to Proselyte armour.
   A bug has been fixed that was making the Fishing Trawler fail to fill with water properly when sinking.
   The food-rotting special attack of ghasts has been adjusted slightly to fix a bug.

-13th March

   The Barbarian Assault minigame is now accessible.

-18th March

   An issue has been fixed whereby holding down keys - such as the arrow keys or CTRL - for long periods caused a sort of click/input 'lag', and, in worst cases, disconnections.
   As part of the recent policy change on unofficial gambling games, various items that were used for player-run games of chance in OldSchool RS have been changed to match the changes in RuneScape.

-21st March

   The Death to the Dorgeshuun quest is now accessible.
   You can toggle the report option by right-clicking on the Report Abuse button.
   Toy mice were giving too much Agility xp and have been fixed.
   A minor animation bug in the Fremennik Trials quest when playing the lyre has been resolved.
   A problem when talking to cats whilst having a follower has been fixed.
   The following items voted for on the content poll have been implemented:
       Toggle run mode remembered between logins.
       Right-clicking on chat messages from your friends will more easily let you reply to them.
       Pressing 'tab' will reply to the last private message sent to you.
       Left-click to bank is now be available on bank booths.
       Pressing 'Enter' will now log you in after typing you username/password on the login screen

-22nd March

   Typing ::toggleroof into the chat box will now toggle between two options for     removing roofs from buildings. Roofs will either be hidden or be shown selectively.