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Poorly arranged information bothers me more than it should.

My edits consist of making sure all the important information is delivered when it needs to be. If you need Chekhov's Sword when talking to Mr. MacGuffin, I'll be there to ensure it tells you that before saying you need to talk to him, not after.

I will ensure that a list is in the optimal order, even if means hiking across Gielinor with no teleports. If you don't believe me, check the list of Easy STASH units.

Some Thoughts[edit | edit source]

There are tables all over the wiki that needlessly use the format of "wiktable lighttable" - it's honestly kind of a mess. My goal is to trawl through the pages and find the most egregious tables and fix them.

I'm very bothered by the fact that Camelot Teleport and Camelot teleport are two entirely different pages. Which one is the spell and which one is the tablet? I'll spoil the fun of guessing: Big T is the spell, Little t is the tablet. Why? Because.

Quest Guide Standards[edit | edit source]

More details: The Quest Guide Project

This is more just me putting my thoughts somewhere so I don't lose them, but perhaps something that could be looked into as well. Just a note: every quest guide is at least serviceable (otherwise they would be massively overhauled by now), but I think that many could be better. Be it clarity of information, proper grammar, good layout, or even just being concise, I'll probably have my work cut out for me.

There should be a more standard format that quest guides follow. Right now, most are pretty good, but they hit a few snags along the way, especially in the ease-of-use department. I've got a list of things I want all quest guides to have, and that's on the actual project page itself.

Quotables[edit | edit source]

Nothing says "humble" like a self-congratulatory section of quotes!

Yes, they're all real. No, I won't explain myself (unless you ask nicely on my talk page). Honestly it's more fun when the context is a mystery.

  • "Because you can't put node.js on a wiki page."
  • "$ sudo apt-get rekt scrub"
  • "In case of a fire, git commit, git push, and git out"
  • "Imagine if we've all been saying it wrong this entire time, and the game is actually called 'Run! Escape!' ... It would make a lot of sense."
  • "While not very bright, these giant spiders are capable of speech. One of them says, 'you're cute!' as it skitters by."
  • "Pretty sure waffles aren't supposed to become aggressive."