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Theatre of Blood logo.png

The Theatre of Blood is a raid located in Ver Sinhaza. It is the second raid released to date.

All normal forms of teleportation within the Theatre are blocked; however, the Mysterious Stranger outside sells Verzik's crystal shards for 75,000 coins each, and is the only item players can use to teleport away from the Theatre safely.

If a party member dies against a boss, they are allowed to respawn if the team defeats the boss. If the team is wiped however, they will respawn outside the Theatre and the chests outside will hold their items for 100,000 coins each. If players die elsewhere with items in the chest, the items will be lost.

Inside the Theatre the hitpoints of all players in the raid are displayed on the top-right of the screen. The order in which the hitpoints are displayed is know as orb order, and it affects the mechanics of the Maiden and Xarpus

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways to reach Ver Sinhaza:

Roles[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to divide players into roles based on who will be freezing the Nylocas Matomenos during Maiden, and what attack style will be used during the Nylocas room. The most common roles are:

  • N123 Melee: Freezes the North 1, 2 and 3 crab during Maiden and uses melee during the Nylocas room. Uses ancient spellbook and brings runes for Ice Barrage
  • DPS Melee: No freezes during Maiden and uses melee during Nylocas room. Generally uses lunar spellbook and brings runes for Vengeance
  • DPS Range: No freezes during Maiden and uses range during Nylocas room. Generally uses lunar spellbook and brings runes for Vengeance and (at an advanced level) Boost Potion Share
  • S124 Mage: Freezes the South 1, 2 and 4 crab during Maiden, tanks Maiden, and uses melee during the Nylocas room. Uses ancient spellbook and brings runes for Ice Barrage and Blood Barrage. This player should also be first in orb order

General role compositions for various group sizes are:

  • For trios: N123 Melee, S124 Mage and DPS Range
  • For quads: N123 Melee, S124 Mage, DPS Melee and DPS Range
  • For 5 man: N123 Melee, S124 Mage, DPS Melee, DPS Range and DPS Mage (brings runes for Ice Barrage and mages during the Nylocas room

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Void melee helm.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of torture.png
Rada's blessing 4.png
Dragon warhammer.png
Elite void top.png
Avernic defender.png
Elite void robe.png
Ferocious gloves.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Void ranger helm.pngToxic blowpipe.pngVoid mage helm.pngTrident of the swamp.png
Necklace of anguish.pngAva's assembler.pngOccult necklace.pngImbued saradomin cape.png
Scythe of vitur.pngDragon claws.pngSuper restore(4).pngRanging potion(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngRune crossbow.pngSalve amulet (e).pngRune pouch.png
Blood rune.pngDeath rune.pngWater rune.png
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadVoid melee helm.pngVoid melee helmN/AN/A
NeckAmulet of torture.pngAmulet of tortureAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyN/A
BackInfernal cape.pngInfernal capeFire cape.pngFire capeN/A
BodyElite void top.pngElite void topVoid knight top.pngVoid knight top [1]N/A
LegsElite void robe.pngElite void robeVoid knight robe.pngVoid knight robe [1]N/A
WeaponScythe of vitur.pngScythe of viturBlade of saeldor.pngBlade of saeldorAbyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacle
ShieldAvernic defender.pngAvernic defenderDragon defender.pngDragon defenderN/A
Ammo/SpellRuby bolts (e) 5.pngRuby bolts (e)N/AN/A
GlovesVoid knight gloves.pngVoid knight glovesN/AN/A
BootsPrimordial boots.pngPrimordial bootsDragon boots.pngDragon bootsN/A
RingBerserker ring (i).pngBerserker ring (i)N/AN/A
Special attackDragon warhammer.pngDragon warhammerBandos godsword.pngBandos godswordN/A
  1. 1.0 1.1 Using regular void is not recommended

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Void melee helm.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of torture.png
Dragon arrow 5.png
Dragon warhammer.png
Elite void top.png
Avernic defender.png
Elite void robe.png
Ferocious gloves.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Void ranger helm.pngToxic blowpipe.pngVoid mage helm.pngSanguinesti staff.png
Necklace of anguish.pngAva's assembler.pngOccult necklace.pngImbued saradomin cape.png
Scythe of vitur.pngDragon claws.pngDivine super combat potion(4).pngDivine super combat potion(4).png
Crystal halberd.pngSaradomin brew(4).pngRanging potion(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngHam joint.pngTwisted bow.png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSerpentine helm.pngBandos chestplate.png
Rune pouch.pngSalve amulet (e).pngFerocious gloves.pngBandos tassets.png
Blood rune.pngDeath rune.pngWater rune.png

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • If not freezing during Maiden, use lunars and bring runes for Vengance in the rune pouch
  • Use the ham joint (or swift blade) on the Nylocas waves, however if you are not comfortable using it effectively bring an abyssal whip instead
  • Switch the attack style of the Ham joint to aggressive for the Nylocas room, and back to accurate for Sotetseg (as it shares attack styles with the Dragon warhammer). Using a swift blade avoids this problem

Void melee helm.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of torture.png
Dragon arrow 5.png
Sanguinesti staff.png
Elite void top.png
Arcane spirit shield.png
Elite void robe.png
Ferocious gloves.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Void ranger helm.pngToxic blowpipe.pngVoid mage helm.pngBandos godsword.png
Necklace of anguish.pngAva's assembler.pngOccult necklace.pngImbued saradomin cape.png
Scythe of vitur.pngDragon claws.pngDivine super combat potion(4).pngDivine super combat potion(4).png
Crystal halberd.pngImbued heart.pngRanging potion(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSoul rune.pngTwisted bow.png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSerpentine helm.pngBandos chestplate.png
Rune pouch.pngSalve amulet (e).pngFerocious gloves.pngBandos tassets.png
Blood rune.pngDeath rune.pngWater rune.png

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Drop any remaining soul runes after Sotetseg for an extra inventory space. 30 soul runes are enough for Maiden + the Nylocas room
  • Do not prepot using the imbued heart, instead use it at the start of the Nylocas room as it gives max hits + accuracy for the trident. It can also be used for a minor magic defence increase for P3 Verzik
  • Replace the Arcane spirit shield with a Mage's book or a Book of darkness
  • Use bgs special attacks after other players have used their Dragon warhammer specials
  • Use the soul runes for Blood barrage at Maiden and the Nylocas room

Void melee helm.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of torture.png
Dragon arrow 5.png
Dragon warhammer.png
Elite void top.png
Avernic defender.png
Elite void robe.png
Ferocious gloves.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Void ranger helm.pngToxic blowpipe.pngVoid mage helm.pngSanguinesti staff.png
Necklace of anguish.pngAva's assembler.pngOccult necklace.pngImbued saradomin cape.png
Scythe of vitur.pngDragon claws.pngDivine super combat potion(4).pngDivine super combat potion(4).png
Crystal halberd.pngSaradomin brew(4).pngRanging potion(4).pngSuper combat potion(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngBlack chinchompa.pngTwisted bow.png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSerpentine helm.pngBandos chestplate.png
Rune pouch.pngSalve amulet (e).pngFerocious gloves.pngBandos tassets.png
Astral rune.pngDeath rune.pngMud rune.png

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Only bring 20-25 chinchompas per raid, as you will drop them for an extra inventory space after Sotetseg and if your party wipes, you will lose all chinchompas in your inventory
  • Use Stat Restore Pot Share on a stamina potion at the start of the Nylocas room and at the start of webs at P3 Verzik
  • Use the chinchompas on Nylocas clumps at Maiden and during the Nylocas room. If the S124 is low HP at Maiden, do not use chinchompas on the clump to allow for them to heal with Blood barrage

Notes on equipment:[edit | edit source]

  • The Twisted bow is used for Maiden, the Nylocas Vasilias, and also to pre-hit Maiden and Sotetseg. It can be dropped for an extra brew, as the Scythe of vitur or Toxic blowpipe (with dragon darts) provides higher DPS in both Maiden and Xarpus, and also the DPS loss from not pre-hitting bosses is minor
  • Vengeance should be cast whenever off cooldown to speed up rooms, however Bloat, Xarpus and P1/P2 Verzik are immune to it
  • The Crystal halberd special attack is used at Maiden. Bloat (in conjunction with Dragon claws), Nylocas Vasilias, Sotetseg (if below 50% special attack by the end of the room) and Xarpus (if below 50% special attack). For maximum DPS, the special attack should be used to finish off the boss
  • Dragon claws should be used in place of a halberd special if you have 50% special attack (except for at Bloat), and also for P3 Verzik <20%
  • If using an abyssal whip as a primary melee weapon, replace the Serpentine helm with a Neitiznot faceguard
  • Additional mage or range switches can be taken in place of brews if comfortable with the bosses

Bosses[edit | edit source]

The Theatre of Blood is a linear raid. Thus, there is no randomisation involved, and the bosses will always be encountered in this order.

  1. The Maiden of Sugadinti (level-940)
  2. Pestilent Bloat (level-870)
  3. Nylocas Vasilias (level-800)
  4. Sotetseg (level-995)
  5. Xarpus (level-960)
  6. Verzik Vitur (level-1040, final boss)

When each boss is killed, the hitpoints, prayer points, run energy and special attack energy of all team members are restored to full (drained stats will not be restored). When the Pestilent Bloat and Sotetseg are killed, players will gain access to a chest with supplies provided by entertained vampyres containing food and potions.

Item Price (points) Item Price (points) Item Price (points) Item Price (points)
Stamina potion(4).png Stamina potion(4) 1 Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) 2 Saradomin brew(4).png Saradomin brew(4) 3 Super restore(4).png Super restore(4) 3
Mushroom potato.png Mushroom potato 1 Shark.png Shark 1 Sea turtle.png Sea turtle 2 Manta ray.png Manta ray 2

These supplies can be purchased with points, which are earned based on the individual performance of each player. Dying in a room will reward considerably less points:

  • Above average: 10-13 points
  • Average: 8-11 points
  • Below average: 6-9 points

The points earned can carry over to the second chest within the Theatre.

If a player has died during both the Maiden and Pestilent Bloat fights, the chest will only contain an onion. As long as the player has taken the onion out, they will be eligible to receive more points for the next supply chest, provided they perform well in the next two fights. Regardless, a message is always found in the chest.

The Maiden of Sugadinti[edit | edit source]

Maiden of Sugadinti
The Maiden of Sugadinti.png

Combat level Max hit Hitpoints Defence Attack speed

36 (mage attack)

10 (blood splats)

2625 (3)

3000 (4)

3500 (5)

200 10

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • The Maiden primarily uses magic attacks that can hit through prayer. Using Protect from magic will reduce damage dealt by 60%
  • One player will be targeted by the boss per attack. This is dependent on
    1. The distance away from the boss in tiles
    2. If two or more players are the same distance in tiles away from the boss, the side of the boss a player is located (prioritising north and east over south and west)
    3. If two or more players are the same distance and direction from the boss, the player highest first in orb order is targeted
  • Throws blood splats at the location of all players, which when stepped on will deal rapid damage and drain prayer points
    • She will also throw extra blood splats at one player within a 2 tile range of their current location
    • These blood splats will also spawn Blood spawn, which will more randomly and leave blood on any tiles they travel on. The number of blood spawns that are summoned is affected by the number of players that get hit by the initial blood splat (?)
    • After throwing these blood splats, the next 2 attacks she uses will be her base magic attack
  • She will spawn Nylocas Matomenos upon being damaged past 70%, 50% and 30% HP. This will walk towards the boss and heal her for twice their remaining HP if they reach her. This will also increase the max hit of her ranged attack by 3, and increase the damage dealt by blood splats
    • These have fixed spawn locations, and the nylocas that spawn are labelled based on these (see image)
    • The number of Nylocas spawned is twice the number of (alive) players in the raid

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Before the room, drop two Saradomin brews outside the room, use protect from Magic and piety, and wait for all players to stand next to the barrier into the room.
  • At the start of the fight, use 2 Dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword special attacks against the boss. If using the latter, wait until all hammer specials have been used, for the highest possible defence reduction
  • Switch into ranged gear, pray rigour and attack the boss
  • The S124 player should stand adjacent to the boss throughout most of the fight, to avoid other players taking damage from the boss
    • If low on hitpoints, ask another player to stand next to the boss (a 'tank swap') and wait for the next Nylocas spawns to heal using Blood Barrage
  • At 75%, 55% and 35%, the N123 and S124 players should swap into mage gear and pre-select Ice Barrage. The other players should keep attacking the boss to spawn the Nylocas Matomenos
  • When the healers spawn, they should be frozen using Ice Barrage to prevent them from reaching the boss. The methods for freezing are:
    • For the N123 player: Immediately freeze the N1 and N2 nylocas, then wait and freeze the N3 and S3 nylocas as soon as they group up
    • For the S124 player: Freeze the N1 nylocas, then freeze the S2, S4 and N4 just before it reaches the boss, such that they are all grouped up in the same place
  • The S1, N1 and N2 nylocas should then be killed by any DPS players before attacking the boss again
  • The S2, N3+4, S3+4 nylocas should be 'clumped' together close to the boss, these should be killed by the S124 player using Blood Barrage
  • If you have any remaining special attack at the end of the fight, use a Dragon claws or a Crystal halberd special
  • Freeze (with Ice barrage) and kill any blood spawns to make the fight easier for the team

Pestilent Bloat[edit | edit source]

A group of players fighting The Butcher's crazed creation, the Pestilent Bloat.

The Pestilent Bloat is an undead abomination made from various body parts, and is the second boss in the Theatre of Blood.

Players are strongly advised not to attack the Bloat when it is walking - if it spots players, flies will attack them for small but rapid damage every tick, which can also spread to other players even if they are hiding, being able to wipe out a team in seconds. Protect from Missiles decreases damage taken from flies.

Players must safely kill the Bloat when it stops walking. The abomination will rest for about 10 seconds. When the Bloat wakes up, it will stomp the floor, causing one time quake damage to players if in range, dealing up to 80 damage.

While walking, mutilated flesh will fall from the ceiling - if hit by them, the player will take heavy damage and be stunned for several seconds. Players must continually hide from the Bloat and attack it when it is resting; it becomes inactive after 7 falling flesh cycles, or 14 cycles upon reaching 50% of its health.

When hiding, try to stay as far away as possible, as the Bloat may turn around if players are too close to it. Stick to the corners as it is significantly easier to turn and avoid detection.

The Bloat will walk at a slow pace until it is lower than ~60% of its health. It will then run until it reaches ~20% of its health, at which point it will become slow again. It's important to note that this only occurs if players successfully lower it from above 60% to under 20%.

Therefore, a common strategy is to whip it down to as close to 60% HP as possible, and then have all players unload all of their dragon claws and crystal halberd special attacks on its next vulnerable cycle. This ensures that the minimum amount of time possible is spent fleeing from the Bloat at its quickest pace, as this is where mistakes are most likely to occur.

Nylocas Vasilias[edit | edit source]

A group of players battle against the Nylocas hordes.
A group of players fighting the Nylocas Vasilias, a result of Verzik Vitur's diverse breeding program.

The Nylocas are found in the third room of the Theatre of Blood.

The fight starts off with hordes of Nylocas (Toxobolos (green), Hagios (blue) and Ischyros (white) from the tunnels. Each spider is immune to damage outside of their combat style - ranged must be used against the Toxobolos, magic against the Hagios and melee against the Ischyros. The goal here is to kill all the Nylocas before all four pillars are destroyed (as indicated by their health bar). As a pillar crumbles, it sends stones falling on each player, hitting up to 35 hitpoints. If all pillars are destroyed, the team will be instantly killed.

The spiders come in two sizes - the small ones are level 162, while the large ones are level 260. The large ones spawn two smaller ones upon death. Initially the spiders will not change their carapace - however, they will do so as the waves continue. The Nylocas will explode after a set amount of time once a player has first attacked them. For example, if a Nylocas Toxobolos was attacked but still alive and left alone, it will cycle through the other forms and then explode, hitting players for roughly 18 damage.

A fairly consistent method is to have dedicated combat style roles. One dedicated ranger using a toxic blowpipe, two dedicated melee attackers and two dedicated mages. Dedicated mages can freeze incoming spiders to slow their assault and can barrage clumps of spiders on pillars to ensure there's no mages hidden under others.

Near the end of the waves the spiders will start exploding in fairly rapid succession so standing in the middle is not advised once it becomes hectic. Mages can use Ice Barrage at all the pillars not only to kill any Nylocas Hagios that might be hidden under other Nylocas but to also temporarily stop any Nylocas struck by the attack from attacking the pillars for a few seconds, helping prolong the pillar's integrity for just a little longer.

Secondly, it is highly advised to help kill the aggressive Nylocas that attack players in the middle of the room rather than the pillars. It is highly important that the players do this to avoid having to brew as often, especially so that the mager(s) do not have to brew down so that they can still cast Ice Barrage during that critical point of the pillar defence fight. It also helps if the mager(s) have soul runes to cast Blood Barrage during this critical point if absolutely necessary to prevent brewing.

Once the horde of spiders have been cleared, Nylocas Vasilias will appear and attack the team. It is dealt with the same way as the Nylocas from before - however, if the wrong combat style is used against it, it will reflect the hit back to the player and heal itself for the damage it reflected. Use the correct protection prayer before switching attack styles, as it can hit up to a max of 70 HP if players are not using the correct protection prayers. Melee attacks are completely negated by Protect from Melee, while magic and ranged can hit up to a maximum of 17 through protection prayers.

As it only has a Defence level of 50, it is recommended for the team to unload their dragon claws and crystal halberd special attacks while it is in melee form to quickly progress through the fight.

There is also a safespot for the Nylocas Vasilias on the western side of the northeast pillar of the room, though it only ensures safety from melee attacks. It can still be used by inexperienced players to reduce the hectic nature of the fight by only needing to switch between mage and range prayers and weapons or to safely heal/restore during melee phases, providing that they are already out of the Nylocas Vasilias' attack range while in melee form.

Sotetseg[edit | edit source]

A group of players battle against Sotetseg, a dark beast corrupted through Haemalchemy and experiments in the Shadow Realm.
A player dragged into the Shadow Realm by Sotetseg, with the red path visible.

Sotetseg is a large dark beast imbued with blood through Haemalchemy, and the fourth boss in the Theatre of Blood.

Use Protect from Magic against red projectiles, and Protect from Missiles against black projectiles bounced off from the main projectile - if it is not protected against, it will disable the player's overhead prayers for five seconds and deal up to 50 damage per projectile that isn't protected against.

Sotetseg will occasionally launch a larger red ball which players must split the damage by standing within a 3x3 radius of the targeted player. If everyone (assuming at least 3 to 5 alive) who is alive is not within a 1 square radius of the targeted player, it will always deal a cumulative total of 115 damage. However, if everyone who is alive is within a 1 square radius of the targeted player, then it will deal a cumulative total of 70 damage, so it is advised to run to the targeted player as soon as the large red ball is seen.

Attacking with melee is recommended, as for each melee attack Sotetseg does, those attacks won't go toward making the larger red ball appear. While Sotetseg's melee attack is fairly inaccurate, it can still hit up to 50 if not prayed against. However, if no projectiles are targeted at the player, they can use Protect from Melee in the meantime to halve the melee damage.

At 66.6% and 33.3% of its health, Sotetseg will choose a player and drag them into the Shadow Realm, becoming invulnerable in the process and teleporting the rest of the team to the other end of the room. The player in the Shadow Realm is invisible to the other members of the team and is given a randomly generated path - this path must be followed by all players.

The player in the Shadow Realm follows the path and exits the realm through a portal in the other side, while players in the real world must follow the path given to the player in the Shadow Realm. A red storm will appear and follow this path once players have crossed past the third row of the path, damaging players if they touch it, but returns it back to its starting position if it does. If players go off-path, heavy AoE damage will hit all nearby players in the real world, while the player in the Shadow Realm will be hit for 1-3 damage.

The player in the shadow realm should call out roughly where the first tile is of the maze before starting (i.e. East, Middle, West, etc.) and follow along the corners of the path, pausing briefly at each, to ensure each tile is highlighted properly for the other members of the team. It is recommended for the team to wait until everyone is ready to proceed at the correct tile that is in the third row, as the red storm will begin pursuing the team once they've passed through the third row.

As Sotetseg's Defence level regenerates quickly, and significantly increases back closer to level 200 after each maze is completed, it is important to ration the Defence draining special attacks of each team member so that there is enough for each 33% of the fight.

Xarpus[edit | edit source]

A group of players fighting Xarpus, the last of the Yarasa race and its king.

Xarpus is the last of the Yarasa, a race feared by the vampyres, and is the fifth boss in the Theatre of Blood.

Xarpus is significantly weakened at the start of the fight. During the first half, exhumed skeletons will emerge from the ground and launch projectiles to heal it - simply stand on top of them to stop them from healing Xarpus. These projectiles will increase the damage that Xarpus can do in the next part of the fight, so it is important that players stand on these exhumed skeletons in this part of the fight.

After enough time has passed, Xarpus will fly in the middle of the room with whatever health it has remaining. Players should unload all Defence draining special attacks here, as the length of the fight can be significantly reduced depending on how low its Defence becomes. Players should range from a distance as he will shoot poison splats at the player's location. These deal small AoE damage on adjacent tiles so a method to avoid all damage is to move at least two tiles away when targeted and then back toward one of the walls to avoid filling the room. Taking damage from the poison splats will poison the player, but since this only starts at 3 damage, antidotes aren't worth bringing into the raid.

At ~22.5% health Xarpus will screech and will stop splattering poison but instead rotate between the four corners of the room. If a player attacks from a corner that Xarpus is looking at, it will retaliate back with heavy poison damage, often instantly killing players. Thus, players must quickly move to whichever corner Xarpus isn't looking and attack.

A common method for beginners is to whip Xarpus twice between rotations then to click the floor to ensure players will exit combat. Wait until the next rotation and, if not looking at the player, attack again. Standing under Xarpus will cause him to fling stones at the player which deal low but rapid damage.

Once Xarpus is defeated, have a team member grab the Dawnbringer before proceeding to the final stage of the raid.

Verzik Vitur[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

A group of players fighting Verzik Vitur on her throne.

One player starts the fight by talking to Verzik; they will also be the first Dawnbringer user. The Dawnbringer's special attack, Pulsate, must be used to deal damage to Verzik's shield, as all other sources of damage are greatly reduced. Each special attack cast costs 35% energy. When timed correctly, each player has time for two to three specials between her attacks before running back to safety behind a pillar. Immediately upon returning to safety, the Dawnbringer should be dropped to the next player so that they may perform the special attack; thus, players should communicate who receives the Dawnbringer next before the fight begins.

Verzik will attack the team from her throne, shooting out blue projectiles that can hit up to 66-68 if players have Protect from Magic active. These can be blocked by hiding behind pillars (which take the damage). However, there are certain tiles behind the pillar in which Verzik can still land her attacks on the player; thus, players should hide on the south-west corner of a pillar when on the west side, and hide on the south-east corner when on the east side.

Each pillar can generally take 3 to 4 hits before they collapse, heavily damaging and stunning any adjacent players. All players should stand one square away from the pillar for safety and run to the next just before the current pillar collapses.

Once her shield is removed, she will fly out of her throne and phase two begins. At this point, all the pillars will crumble and will still deal the damage it normally does if player(s) stand adjacent to it. Thus, as soon as Verzik moves away from her throne, run away from any pillar.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Verzik will fly from her throne to the middle of the room. Protect from missiles should be used for this portion of the fight because it will halve the damage of her white-purple urn bombs attack. Defence-draining special attacks from weapons like the dragon warhammer and Bandos godsword do not work on her. If this occurs, the chatbox message will state "Verzik Vitur absorbs the defence reduction!"

A group of players fighting Verzik Vitur, now hoisted on a harness.

Standing within melee distance during her standard attack rotation will cause her to slam players near her, tossing them a fair distance away and stunning them which almost guarantees they'll be hit with the subsequent urn bomb attack. Players can safely melee Verzik during this phase by timing their attack between her animations and stepping back to avoid the body slam stun. When meleeing, it's also important to not move back to the same tile since it will have been targeted with her urn bomb attack, so an L shape pattern should be used when attacking and stepping back.

Verzik launches a blue electric ball after four urn bomb attacks which moves up to four times between players; on the fourth bounce, if it has passed by all team members or no one else is near enough the target, the orb deals up to 48 damage to the player. Wearing insulated boots will halve the damage of the blue ball explosion. Players must guide the electric ball towards Verzik to safely discharge it; this can be done by having players on opposite sides of Verzik as seen in the image to the right.

She can summon Nylocas to assist her. The common Nylocas do not attack the players but will follow a specific player and explode on contact, dealing heavy damage. They will automatically explode after a set amount of time if they cannot reach their target, so running away or freezing them in place is advised. Unlike the Nylocas in the third room, the explosion attack's damage is dependent on their proximity to the player when it explodes; to safely avoid the explosion, being more than 5 tiles away from them will suffice.

Alongside the common Nylocas, a purple Nylocas Athanatos will also appear, who heals her. They can be killed by inflicting poison or venom (generally an abyssal tentacle or toxic blowpipe), which will cause them to inflict heavy poison onto her. Attacking them with a toxic blowpipe while wearing a serpentine helm is recommended, as it will guarantee that the Nylocas Athanatos is envenomed.

Upon reaching 35% of her health she will begin using a red magic attack so switching to Protect from Magic is advised, though she does continue to use her urn bomb attack and the electric ball. From 35% until the end of Phase 2, she will periodically summon two Nylocas Matomenos which must be whittled down to as low health as possible, as she will absorb them after some time and heal equal to their remaining health just like the Maiden.

Do not attack her during the spawn animation of the spiders where Verzik throws her head back, or she will heal any damage she would have taken instead. It's also important to note that even when the red spiders spawn, Verzik will heal any damage taken for roughly the first two seconds of them spawning, so wait a brief moment after the animation is complete.

Players should deal as much damage to Verzik as possible between the red spider spawns, so special attacks can be unloaded here to help whittle her down quickly, though it is advisable not to use all of the special attack energy in preparation for the last phase.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

A group of players fighting Verzik Vitur, now transformed into a vampyre-nylocas hybrid.

Verzik's chains break and she lands on the floor in a vampyre-nylocas form. During this phase Verzik has three normal attacks and four special attacks that she uses in a fixed, repeating order. Her attack speed is 7, attacking players every 4.2 seconds.

She can use all combat styles and her projectile attacks will hit all players in the room - stomping her front limbs launches ranged barbs, while crackling with blue energy will launch a blue orb magic attack. These can deal up to 16 damage through protection prayers. Having the appropriate prayer up will stop most of the damage from these attacks so it's important to switch prayers accordingly.

She'll focus on a single player at a time and follow them around the room, so keep distance when possible. If the targeted player is within melee distance, she also can use a crush based melee attack which hits harder than her projectiles (up to 62), though the targeted player can time her attacks so that she will not use melee attacks by stepping away or walking under her.

Verzik will change her focus to another player should they be away from melee distance for too long.

Verzik's special attacks are as follows:

  • Nylocas - Like the previous phase, she will summon a random generic Nylocas that follows a player and explode upon contact for high damage or after a set amount of time.
  • Sticky webs - Verzik goes to the centre of the room and starts shooting out webs from her abdomen. If players are caught in the webs, other players can free them. Otherwise, it will snap for heavy damage. The web's health depends on the amount of team members in the raid.
    • Players should attempt to use range or magic attacks to deal as much damage to the webs, as the damage dealt to the player stuck in the web depends on the remaining health of the web.
  • Yellow projectile - Verzik becomes invulnerable and charges up a powerful attack from her abdomen. A yellow aura (one for each player) will also appear around her, which players should stand on to block her incoming attack. The aura only affects one player, so players should stand on separate auras. Failing to stand on the tiles will deal heavy damage.
  • Green ball - Verzik launches a green ball at a player. The ball must be bounced three times to allow it to dissipate safely. If the ball hits a player with no one in range, or hits the same player twice, the ball will explode for heavy damage.

Verzik will use four of her standard attacks followed by a special attack in the exact order given above: spider spawn, webs, yellow projectiles, green ball. The cycle will repeat once completed. Knowing this teams can prepare for each special, usually by coordinating locations for the various effects.

Verzik Vitur, on her last legs, launches a purple tornado attack for each team member.

When she reaches 20% of her hitpoints, she will attack with increased frequency (every 3 seconds), and will yell "I'm not done with you yet!", summoning a purple tornado of fire for every player in the room, which slowly homes in on them. This must be avoided by continuously walking around the room and running when they are getting too close; a dose of stamina potion should be drunk prior to the purple tornadoes spawning.

If players are hit by the purple tornadoes, it will cut the player's current hitpoints in half and she'll heal for a percentage of the damage dealt (e.x. A player hit by the purple tornado at 99 hitpoints would be dealt 49 damage and healing Verzik for 4.9% of her health). This makes it the hardest part of Phase 3 as each heal from the tornadoes will considerably slow down the fight, so the purple columns should be avoided at all costs. A consistent method to minimise the potential for mistakes is to use high burst damage special attacks, specifically dragon claws or the crystal halberd, to kill Verzik as quickly as possible during this stage.

Players must be constantly moving to avoid the purple columns so extra care during the web and yellow projectile specials is important. Specifically dodging the yellow projectile attack while avoiding the purple column is extremely difficult as staying on the tile too long will let the purple column catch up to you, so careful timing is needed to avoid both. Depending on her current spot in her attack rotation it can be worth it then to delay hitting Verzik below 20% until just after the yellow projectile attack. Doing so will leave plenty of time to kill Verzik before the next yellow projectile special would occur as she'd then have to go through a full attack cycle.

Once Verzik is finally defeated her throne will collapse revealing a secret entrance to her treasure room.