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Quest transcripts - Task active

Submit quest transcripts for quests

Haven't completed a quest yet? Been wanting to complete that one quest but keep putting it off? You're going to have to sacrifice some of that efficiency for this task! We are in dire need of quest transcripts, but a lot of us have quest capes already! RuneLite has a transcribing tool where it writes out every chatbox dialogue; simply

  • Open the settings tab in RuneLite.
  • Scroll to the bottom of all settings.
    • (Pro move: Type aaa in the search bar to remove all settings from the list)
  • Look for a plugin called "NPC Dialogue", made by leejt, and install it.
  • That's it!
The plugin, as amazing as it is, is not 100% perfect:
  • The plugin will not detect any non-dialogue, such as "You pass the suspicious potion to Juliet." during Romeo & Juliet; this will have to be manually added.
  • When doing quests for this task, it is important NOT to use number keys to select chat options.
  • Absolutely NO space-barring dialogue, otherwise some dialogue may slip through the cracks as seen here.
The following quests currently require transcripts: Quests requiring transcripts
Upload your raw transcripts via pastebin and then link them on the page next to the quest in question.