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This is my personal cheatsheat for street prices. These prices may be WAY off the actual market price, but this is what I have seen the items being traded for, or what I sell them for when I'm trading them.

  • air rune: 9-12gp
  • mind rune: 20-23gp
  • body rune: 6-8gp
  • water, earth, fire rune: 6-9gp
  • cosmic rune: 60-70gp
  • nature rune: 230gp
  • law rune: 220gp
  • f2p talismans: 1k
  • chaos, cosmic tally: 2k
  • unids: 500gp
  • sara pages: 40-50k
  • guthix pages: 15-30k
  • zammy pages: 200-300k
  • mith axe: 1k
  • addy axe: 6-7k
  • rune axe: 38-40k
  • sapphire: 250gp
  • emerald: 400gp
  • ruby: 750gp
  • diamond: 1k
  • dragonstone: 40-50k
  • dragonstone enchanted jewels: 50-60k
  • key halves: 20k
  • crystal key: 40k
  • rune ess: 18-20gp
  • pure ess: 20-24gp
  • iron ore: 30gp
  • flax: 40-50gp
  • bow string: 50-60gp
  • normal logs: 35gp
  • oak logs: 20-25gp
  • willow logs: 15-20gp
  • iron arrows: 15gp
  • steel arrows: 30gp