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Map test[edit | edit source]

  • Gnomeball and On the Wing overlap on the north side of the Stronghold
  • Country Jig and Kourend the Magnificent have a 1sq gap between them.
  • Kourend is missing a lot of music track coverage; do you happen to have data for those areas?
  • Not all areas of the Lair of Tarn Razorlor are covered right now
  • Desert Eagle lair is missing music
  • Clan Wars has no associated music right now
  • The CoX templates have no music track (while the POH and Gauntlettemplates do)
  • Lizardman Shaman Caves are missing music
  • Whatever is south of Lizardman Shaman Caves is missing a track
  • CoK are missing music
  • next to Superstition in the Tower of Magic is no music track (there's a bite out of that part)
  • Is there a single square in the western half of the above-ground Expecting and Serenade map tiles (37,50) that is accessible? If not, I think the poly should not cover that area.
  • Gwenith: there's a 1sq gap between Elven Seed and Everywhere
  • northwest West Ardy: Neverland/Sad Meadow overlap, and there's a 1sq gap between Sad Meadow and the small strip of Attack 1
  • West of Piscatoris has no music track, is that correct? Unreachable
  • Can't we put Coil as a marker on Zulrah's Shrine? There currently is about half of it that doesn't even have a music track on it
  • East of Mos'Le Harmless has no music track, is that correct? Not reachable
  • Daero's hangar and Golrie's cave have no music track Instanced copies of labelled areas
  • Misthalin Mystery has no music Has no music
  • Just southeast of that, Lady Trahearn's hiding place has no music Has no music
  • Central Sorceress' Garden has no music track Has no music
  • Headless Beast cave is missing music Has no music
  • Ice Arrows in Temple of Ikov is missing music Has no music
  • Westernmost Ardy Sewer river is missing music Unreachable
  • The Paterdomus Library is missing music (just west of the Paterdomus underground itself) Has no music
  • Sophanem bank dungeon is missing a song Has no music
  • easternmost Temple Trekking is missing a song Bugged/Unreachable
  • post-MM2 Crash Site is missing a song Has no music
  • Alone has an inconsequential overlap with Knightmare
  • Meiyerditch castle has an 1px gap
  • There's a 1sq gap between Lament of Meiyerditch and The Terrible Tunnels
  • (same for Stillness and Grotto just northeast of that gap, as well as Knightly and The Cellar Dwellers in Ardougne, but those gaps are in the middle of nowhere)