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Slayer point boosting guide - there's a basic one at [[1]] point boosting for Ironmen - User:Kanga/Sandbox

[[2]] Hydra strategy guide revamp (possibly MMG also) User:Kanga/Sandbox1

[[3]] Vorkath strategy guide revamp

Basic standardization plan is as follows: Suggested skills -> equipment setups w/ inventory (can be tabbed) -> fight overview -> trip efficiency

WIP layout. Kinda gross to go from all the required setup to fight overview to trip efficiency. Ideally it goes something like setup -> actual fight -> specific tips. Mainly need to look into shortening the fight overviews to cut the fat, if any.

Re: Trip efficiency, see final part of Vorkath guide: may be worth creating a subpage for banking strategies

DPS Calculator (lol)

Sulliuscep/Strategies The map needs updating (note: Skilling discord is also using this outdated map, update them as well)