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Welcome to Karlis' hole of weird, interesting and overall cool stuff i find while editing or lurking wiki (Or ingame, idk).[edit | edit source]

Dragon rider[edit | edit source]

There was race known as Dragon Riders. YOU WHAT? People back in the days actually became gods and rode dragons while we can't even wear Goblin mail? SMH

Barbarians and runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Apparently barbarians don't like runecrafting since they think it's defining god. SOOO they fought against humen who thought it was good idea to use it, leaving a lot of casualties. Next time you get mad, don't be like Gerald and don't start civil war between Amish and Christians (it's a joke, pls government)

Player (you, me, spineweilder, who ever made an account)[edit | edit source]

It's widely known that we play in year 169, 5th age. By further looking into "Player" there's traces that you lived as a npc who had family, childhood and reason you are put into tutorial island. There's at least 4 occasions that family has been mentioned (mother, brother, grandma, aunty). I dunno why but i find is overwhelmingly cool, like m8 we got married and things but who knew I have lore before i made this account. JAGEX please make quest addressing it!!

Calsidiu[edit | edit source]

Since Sins of the father recently came out I thought i should look more into lore behind Myreque shenanigans. Calsidiu is supposed to be big leader, lost one with unknown location. But sotf reveals he isn't actually real. They really played us like this. Wonder how much stuff there is still to be revealed as a hoax. Not as interesting i guess but i don't want to forget it, so here it stays