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Greetings, wiki traveler. I live in a country where people eat spinach pancakes, watch ice hockey and receive money from Kela. People over here also don't talk that much.

I have a maxed ironman, a decent UIM and more hours spent on this video game than I would want to admit. This wiki is mostly a fun side hobby for me to improve my English. My approach for editing is "edit first, ask later". In other words, this usually means heavy-handed revamping and no questions. If you see me mercilessly deleting a lot of content from an article, there is a good reason for it. It will occasionally cause some collateral damage, which may be unfortunate, but stuff can be easily corrected later. Luckily, people here are quick to fix my broken English.

hey blowing molten glass is afk and u dont spend ur bank doing it
not all of us can spend 20 hrs a day 1-tick fishing get a life nerd plays on fullscreen
Levels 7–99: Gold Bracelets — This Method Is Especially Good For Ironmen BTW btw B T W
Pros: Decent drops, can make $80k/hr — Cons: Cannot be cannoned, low xp/hour
Author saying things like "imbued slayer helmet mandatory for training slayer" not only is a simply untrue statement but turning off people like me who have never even done Nightmare Zone. Also lists a bunch of stats in the 80+ which is insane.

Proceed at your own risk.