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Ironman Guide
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Ironman Agility training is largely the same as on a standard account, although the rewards for different activities may offer reasons for variety. However, Agility can be very useful on an early ironman, as there is a limit to teleports and energy restoration available; most importantly, stamina potions are unavailable in bulk before 77 Herblore or farming them through Theatre of Blood.

A noteworthy aspect of Agility is that it largely has no item requirements: most of the courses can be done efficiently without specific gear or inventory space. With this in mind, training Agility is an ideal activity to combine with alching and making darts or arrows.

Passive experience[edit | edit source]

Barbarian Fishing[edit | edit source]

Barbarian Fishing offers some Agility and Strength, and possibly Cooking, experience for each leaping fish caught. Starting off an ironman account with Barbarian Fishing until a high Fishing level is recommended, as it has relatively low requirements. While it does not yield effective food unlike other fishing methods, the faster experience is generally worth the trade-off as food can be obtained from monster drops or bought from shops.

The ratio of Fishing to Agility experience is approximately 11:1, varying slightly depending on the fish caught and whether angler's outfit is used. With 58 to 99 Fishing through Barbarian Fishing, over 1,100,000 Agility experience is received passively, which is enough to go from level 15 (required to start Barbarian Fishing) to 74.

Underwater Thieving[edit | edit source]

Underwater Agility and Thieving (often referred to as "swimming") is an efficient way to train Thieving and Agility at the same time (as well as obtaining fossils, which can be used for training Prayer). Alternatively, it may be used to train only one of the two, but this is generally inferior to other methods.

Whether swimming is more efficient than training Thieving and Agility individually is dependent on their levels and what the alternative would be due to the formula used. In general, it is not particularly good at lower levels but becomes optimal at 85+ for both. Thieving experience is obtained in larger amounts here, so it can be considered a method to train Thieving that yields passive Agility experience. The ratio of Thieving to Agility is approximately 3.66:1, assuming they are equal levels.

1–32 — Early questing[edit | edit source]

As training Agility at low levels is particularly slow, it is advisable to do quests that reward the player with Agility experience early on. These three quests have quite low requirements and give a good amount of Agility experience.

Multiple other quests give Agility experience, though their requirements may be higher. Regardless, it is recommended to complete them as early as possible, as their static experience rewards are more useful the lower the skill level is.

32–99 — Rooftop courses[edit | edit source]

Mark of grace detail.png

Rooftop Agility Courses are an effective way to train Agility at nearly all levels, owing to their high experience rates, low click intensity and little to no other requirements. In addition, marks of grace can be collected, which can be used to purchase the graceful outfit and amylase crystals used to make stamina potions.

Generally, it is best to use the highest level rooftop course available. There are two notable exceptions for this, however.

At higher levels, other methods may offer faster experience rates. As using rooftop courses for Agility is the only effective source of stamina potions (excluding exchanging torstols to Dr Jekyll or purchasing them from Theatre of Blood), consider if you need them as well as the Herblore experience from making them.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Storing the graceful outfit in a player-owned house requires at least 42 Construction. It is recommended to get this before purchasing the outfit to save inventory space.

Prifddinas course[edit | edit source]

Crystal shard detail.png

Though functionally much like rooftop courses, Prifddinas Agility Course is notable in that it does not grant marks of grace but instead crystal shards, which can be made into divine potions to help with bossing and Slayer or used to charge crystal equipment. In addition, it is slightly dynamic due to the portal shortcuts; they can be ignored, but it is recommended to take them. It offers higher experience rates than other rooftop courses, though it is only accessible after completing Song of the Elves.

80–99 — Brimhaven arena[edit | edit source]

At level 80 onward with elite Karamja Diary completed, Brimhaven Agility Arena becomes a viable option for training Agility. Although it can be done at any level, the experience scaling makes it less efficient at lower levels compared to rooftop courses. At around level 95, it offers faster Agility experience than any other method, with an approximate maximum of 73,000 per hour at level 99. The drawbacks to the course are that it yields no supplies, it uses stamina potions, and it requires more effort.