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Getting Started[edit | edit source]

As a new player, making money can be difficult or boring. There are 3 methods I would recommend.

Cows[edit | edit source]

One of the simpliest ways to make money whilst training your combat stats. If you're going to train range or magic first, it'll be less profitable than melee. However, you'll still make a good beginning cash stack.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

I'd highly recommend this method, as many players will pay the low levels for menial tasks. These tasks often pay slighlty cheaper than the market price. For example, I would pay perhaps 10% less than the current price of iron ore but buy as much of it as you mine. This way however much you mine, you're guaranteed to get large amounts of coin while selling it to an employer for slightly less than market price. This is a good method of making money because you're guaranteed to unload as much of it as you mine.

Nature running[edit | edit source]

As a low level, and even at higher levels, running nature runes is profitable. Although there were originally 3 nature running clans, the number is now dwindling to 1. This chat is ffdn36. You'll need a bit of startup cash, perhaps 60k. This is easily attainable by either of the foremetioned methods.

How to run Nature Runes:[edit | edit source]
  1. Acquire 60k
  2. Join the cc ffdn36
  3. Buy 1k pure essence
  4. Ask around for a tiara, usually I'll buy one for newcomers
  5. Head to karajama with 1k noted p ess, and approximately 10k cash
  6. Buy an antipoison from the Karajama general store
  7. Sell essence and buy back to unnote *NOTE* Only sell the essence you can carry
  8. Head southeast towards the altar on Karajama
  9. Upon arrival, trade your essence to a crafter *NOTE* Ask in clan regarding whether there is currently a crafter
  10. They will give you 2 nature runes per essence you take them (Ex 25 ess for 50 nats)

Beginning Merchanting[edit | edit source]

I've not yet gotten into merchanting on 2007. I've done some, however. Things that tend to bring in small profit are those such as fire runes, about 2gp profit per rune. Despite it not seeming like much, the runes are cheap and you can buy relatively small amounts. Another thing that merchants well is potions. I'd recommend having 2m cash before attempting to merchant. Not always will you profit, not always will it be quick.