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Hi Friends;

This post has been a long time coming and I'm sure at no shock. It's been clear that I've been pretty inactive for a while now. I know part of it is due to an addiction to a new game, and there's just been some changes to life as a whole.

When I first came across the wiki, it was from One Small Wiki Favour. I had moved across the country earlier that year and figured that I could save a few bucks by getting a bond for membership.

Speaking of moving, this became the perfect catalyst for getting involved and finding a community. I've shared with some, perhaps many(?) that I did not have the best roommate situation when living down south. The time when I was able to feel most comfortable in the apartment was when in my room on my laptop. Add COVID to the mix and it was a sure-fire way to stay inside. I'd say the pandemic is really when things took off for me around here.

This community has been nothing but welcoming, supportive, and patient. I felt welcomed pretty quickly and found myself really dedicating time to the wiki. My commitment grew more when I was nominated and supported to becoming an admin here - wow. Going from an outsider to one that the community trusts; this is something that was pretty amazing at the time. :)

Alas, it is now 2022 and not only have I been living in my own place for about a hear and a half, but I've been able to establish a great friend group here, and I've just been keeping busy more than just on my laptop.

So with this, I do take off a few hats around here and going to retire as some may say. I do want to thank everyone, again, for being so welcoming and kind. It's something that I will never forget.

With love, James