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Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Desert series (Contact!)
Gnome/Monkey series (MM2)
Dragonkin series (DS2)
Great Kourend series (The Ascent of Arceuus)
Myreque series (A Taste of Hope)
Pirate series (The Great Brain Robbery)
Temple Knight/Sea slug series (The Slug Menace)
Camelot series (King's Ransom)
Dorgeshuun series (Another Slice of H.A.M.)
Fairy Tale series (II - Cure a Queen)
Fremennik series (The Fremennik Exiles)
Rise of the Red Axe series (Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf)
Troll series (Making Friends With My Arm)
Elemental Workshop series (Elemental Workshop II)
Penguin series (Cold War)
Mahjarrat series (Desert Treasure)

Difficulties[edit | edit source]

Novice (Doric's Quest, X Marks the Spot)
Intermediate (The Knight's Sword, Witch's House)
Experienced (Lost City, Dragon Slayer)
Master (Roving Elves, Desert Treasure)
Grandmaster (MM2, DS2)

Boss Types[edit | edit source]

Solo bosses (Zulrah, Vorkath)
Group bosses (Corp, Nightmare)
Raids (CoX, ToB)
Demi-bosses (Deranged archaeologist, Kalphite Queen)
Slayer bosses (Cerb, Grotesque Guardians)