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Hi. I'm more of a wiki lurker than a contributer but when i do it's most likely Old School Runescape tracks recorded properly.

I own two youtube channels called OldScapeMusic OSScapeMusic which i have some of the 2007 OSRS tracks for OSM but i also record OSRS exclusive tracks for OSSM.

The tracks are extracted from the client. This means when the client plays a track, the track will be outputted in a RAW file. Those files are in PCM 16-bit in 22.05kHz which is the native sample rate that Old School RuneScape tracks use. I upsample them with iZotope RX after that with a 100 Filter steepness, 1,00 cutoff shift and 1,00 pre-ringing. This results in a better recording than recording it in 44.1kHz as the upsampling of the Old School RuneScape music player drowns out quite a bit of the high notes compared if you use the recording method mentioning above (99.9% quality vs ~95% quality)