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Hi I'm MeneerPjoeterBliep.

Here is a checklist of how to become a cool f2p rc player.

F2P todo list

  • Do a follow dance with ≥10 accounts
  • Wear a cow suit and say "moo" once in a while
  • Kill a vampyre
  • Kill 10k goblins
  • Get killed by a pker and drop an inv full of cabbages
  • Kill a dragon
  • Craft a power amulet
  • Kill a shade in the stronghold of security
  • Get 88 runecraft by crafting body runes
  • Have 1M of crafted air runes banked
  • Unlock all f2p music tracks
  • Get the "explore"-emote
  • Get 99 rc by crafting body runes
  • Win a minigame
  • Get 25M rc xp by crafting body runes
  • Give away free cakes at the ge
  • Complete the collection log for beginner clues
  • Make a RSMV