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User:MxFox/Sandbox/Calculator:Thieving/Pickpocket rates/Template

This calculator determines theoretical best pickpocketing rates for various popular NPCs at your given level. Some NPCs are not included due to the lack of knowledge on their probability. This does not take into account the need to restock on food though does account for eating as it can be done between pickpockets without losing ticks.

Calculations regarding H.A.M. Members do not account for being removed from the compound or locked in a jail cell, and as such will overestimate the possible XP and pickpocketing rates.

template = User:MxFox/Sandbox/Calculator:Thieving/Pickpocket rates/Template
form = Form
result = Result
param = playername|Name||hs|ThievingLevel_Input,18,1
param = ThievingLevel_Input|Thieving Level|1|int|1-99
param = ArdyDiary|Ardougne Diary Bonus|None|buttonselect|None,Medium,Hard
param = DodgyNecklace|Dodgy Necklace|false|check|ischecked,notchecked
Please input the data and submit the form.

NPCRequirementSuccess %Successes per HourXP per Hour
Man.pngMan170.6%9737,800 Thieving