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Spell cost

Lvl-1 Enchant[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
1Cosmic rune.png1Water rune.png140
Combo runes
1Cosmic rune.png1Mud rune.png302
1Cosmic rune.png1Steam rune.png196
1Cosmic rune.png1Mist rune.png276
1Cosmic rune.pngStaff of water.pngAlt135

Smoke barrage[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Fire rune.png4Air rune.png1,700
Combo runes
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Fire rune.png4Dust rune.png1,700
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Air rune.png4Lava rune.png1,696
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Smoke rune.png1,936
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Air rune.png4Steam rune.png1,924
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Fire rune.png4Mist rune.png2,244
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Fire rune.pngStaff of air.pngAlt1,680
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Air rune.pngStaff of fire.pngAlt1,680
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.pngSmoke battlestaff.png1,660
3.5Death rune.png1.75Blood rune.png3.5Fire rune.png3.5Air rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAlt1,488
3.4Death rune.png1.7Blood rune.png3.4Fire rune.png3.4Air rune.pngKodai wand.png1,445
Main and off-hands
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png4Air rune.pngTome of fire.png1,680
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.pngStaff of air.pngAltTome of fire.png1,660
3.5Death rune.png1.75Blood rune.png3.5Air rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAltTome of fire.png1,470
3.4Death rune.png1.7Blood rune.png3.4Air rune.pngKodai wand.pngTome of fire.png1,428

Iban's Blast[edit | edit source]

{{User:MxFox/Sandbox/Template:Spell cost table |is_offensive = true |req_staff = iban's staff |Rune1 = fire |Rune1num = 5 |Rune2 = death |Rune2num = 1 }}

Fire Wave[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
7Fire rune.png5Air rune.png1Blood rune.png448
Combo runes
7Fire rune.png1Blood rune.png5Dust rune.png448
5Air rune.png1Blood rune.png7Lava rune.png441
1Blood rune.png7Smoke rune.png871
5Air rune.png1Blood rune.png7Steam rune.png840
7Fire rune.png1Blood rune.png5Mist rune.png1,128
7Fire rune.png1Blood rune.pngStaff of air.pngAlt423
5Air rune.png1Blood rune.pngStaff of fire.pngAlt413
1Blood rune.pngSmoke battlestaff.png388
6.12Fire rune.png4.38Air rune.png0.88Blood rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAlt393
5.95Fire rune.png4.25Air rune.png0.85Blood rune.pngKodai wand.png380
Main and off-hands
5Air rune.png1Blood rune.png0.05Burnt page.pngTome of fire.png573
1Blood rune.png0.05Burnt page.pngStaff of air.pngAltTome of fire.png549
4.38Air rune.png0.88Blood rune.png0.05Burnt page.pngStaff of the dead.pngAltTome of fire.png524
4.25Air rune.png0.85Blood rune.png0.05Burnt page.pngKodai wand.pngTome of fire.png511

PKers best friend ice barrage[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Water rune.png1,690
Combo runes
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Mud rune.png2,662
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Steam rune.png2,026
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Mist rune.png2,506
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.pngStaff of water.pngAlt1,660
3.5Death rune.png1.75Blood rune.png5.25Water rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAlt1,479
3.4Death rune.png1.7Blood rune.pngKodai wand.png1,411

High Level Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
5Fire rune.png1Nature rune.png214
Combo runes
1Nature rune.png5Lava rune.png209
1Nature rune.png5Smoke rune.png534
1Nature rune.png5Steam rune.png494
1Nature rune.pngStaff of fire.pngAlt189
5Fire rune.png0.93Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.png200
Main and off-hands
1Nature rune.pngTome of fire.png189
0.93Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.pngTome of fire.png176