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Things[edit | edit source]

I neither confirm nor deny that anything is anything.

This wiki didn't exist in 2012 (well, at least to me), so the editcount thing is lying.

As you can see, I've spent my 2000th edit very well.

Other things[edit | edit source]

Some handy templates.

New block template: {{subst:User:Neitiznot/Block|length|reason}}

I am not /u/Neitiznot on reddit. The darned guy wasted a nice username.

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Total level: 1,333
Attack 72 Hitpoints 73 Mining 54
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Defence 71 Herblore 41 Fishing 53
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Prayer 66 Crafting 56 Firemaking 50
Magic 72 Fletching 75 Woodcutting 51
Runecraft 32 Slayer 61 Farming 68
Construction 30 Hunter 33
Combat level 67 Quest point icon.png 102 Music.png ----
As of 27 June 2016