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Name Image
Body altar File:Body altar.png
Sand (pile) File:Sand (pile).png
Wintertodt File:Wintertodt.png
Cape rack space File:Cape rack space.png
Jad-fest portal File:Jad-fest portal.png
Return Orb File:Return Orb.png
Cave entrance (Mos Le'Harmless Cave) File:Cave entrance (Mos Le'Harmless Cave).png
Spirit tree File:Spirit tree.png
Earth altar File:Earth altar.png
Obstacle pipe (Taverley Dungeon) File:Obstacle pipe (Taverley Dungeon).png
Jungle tree File:Jungle tree.png
Young tree File:Young tree.png
Crate of wands File:Crate of wands.png
Clay oven File:Clay oven.png
Rocks (Tree Gnome Stronghold) File:Rocks (Tree Gnome Stronghold).png
Willow File:Willow.png
Fire File:Fire.png
Platform File:Platform.png
Cooking range (Lumbridge Castle) File:Cooking range (Lumbridge Castle).png
Corpse cart File:Corpse cart.png
Captain's Table File:Captain's Table.png
Chest (nature runes) File:Chest (nature runes).png
Gold Screen File:Gold Screen.png
Tatty toy File:Tatty toy.png
Chest (50 coins) File:Chest (50 coins).png
Rocky handholds (God Wars Dungeon,Wilderness) File:Rocky handholds (God Wars Dungeon,Wilderness).png
Toy weapons File:Toy weapons.png
Ourania Altar File:Ourania Altar.png
Flower patch File:Flower patch.png
Pirate map File:Pirate map.png
Tempoross File:Tempoross.png
Maple tree File:Maple tree.png
Anvil File:Anvil.png
Tulips File:Tulips.png
Ancient machinery File:Ancient machinery.png
Pirate captain File:Pirate captain.png
Tree (Tutorial Island) File:Tree (Tutorial Island).png
Tree (Enchanted Valley) File:Tree (Enchanted Valley).png
Tree (snow) File:Tree (snow).png
Tree (young) File:Tree (young).png
Tree (Tirannwn) File:Tree (Tirannwn).png
Burnt tree File:Burnt tree.png
Jungle Bush File:Jungle Bush.png
Blisterwood Tree File:Blisterwood Tree.png
Tree (Prifddinas) File:Tree (Prifddinas).png
Crystal tree File:Crystal tree.png
Tree stump File:Tree stump.png
Celastrus tree File:Celastrus tree.png
Tree (2018 Christmas event) File:Tree (2018 Christmas event).png
Pear tree File:Pear tree.png
Dragonfruit tree File:Dragonfruit tree.png
Willow Tree (Farming) File:Willow Tree (Farming).png
Sulliuscep File:Sulliuscep.png
Meat tree File:Meat tree.png
Gourd tree File:Gourd tree.png
Sapling (Chambers of Xeric) File:Sapling (Chambers of Xeric).png
Redwood tree File:Redwood tree.png
Mature juniper tree File:Mature juniper tree.png
Scrapey tree File:Scrapey tree.png
Dungeon entrance (Brimhaven Dungeon) File:Dungeon entrance (Brimhaven Dungeon).png
Dense Jungle File:Dense Jungle.png
Medium Jungle File:Medium Jungle.png
Light Jungle File:Light Jungle.png
White tree File:White tree.png
Banana tree File:Banana tree.png
Sq'irk tree File:Sq'irk tree.png
Calquat tree File:Calquat tree.png
Windswept tree File:Windswept tree.png
Dream tree File:Dream tree.png
Curry tree File:Curry tree.png
Pineapple plant File:Pineapple plant.png
Papaya tree File:Papaya tree.png
Palm tree File:Palm tree.png
Arctic Pine File:Arctic Pine.png
Hollow tree File:Hollow tree.png
Mahogany File:Mahogany.png
Apple tree File:Apple tree.png
Achey Tree File:Achey Tree.png
Dying tree File:Dying tree.png
Evergreen File:Evergreen.png
Swaying tree File:Swaying tree.png
Orange tree File:Orange tree.png
Yew File:Yew.png
Dead tree File:Dead tree.png
Dramen tree File:Dramen tree.png
Magic tree File:Magic tree.png
Teak File:Teak.png
Tree File:Tree.png
Oak File:Oak.png
Wall safe File:Wall safe.png
Candles File:Candles.png
Stepping stones (Karamja) File:Stepping stones (Karamja).png
Reward Chest (The Gauntlet) File:Reward Chest (The Gauntlet).png
Signpost File:Signpost.png
Portal (Player-owned house) File:Portal (Player-owned house).png
Dark Chest File:Dark Chest.png
Dummy File:Dummy.png
Stagnant fish display File:Stagnant fish display.png
Occupied perch File:Occupied perch.png
Camping fire File:Camping fire.png
Cleaning supplies File:Cleaning supplies.png
Dead bat File:Dead bat.png
Fishing weights File:Fishing weights.png
Fungus seat File:Fungus seat.png
Gnome skeleton File:Gnome skeleton.png
Lalli's Stew File:Lalli's Stew.png
Gem rock File:Gem rock.png
Lockers File:Lockers.png
Newspapers File:Newspapers.png
Frog spit File:Frog spit.png
Old Memorial File:Old Memorial.png
Bamboo Monkey Trap File:Bamboo Monkey Trap.png
Elven Crystal Chest File:Elven Crystal Chest.png
Bamboo Barrel File:Bamboo Barrel.png
Banana Barrel File:Banana Barrel.png
Caged monkey (Unicorn) File:Caged monkey (Unicorn).png
Caged monkey (Cow) File:Caged monkey (Cow).png
Caged monkey (Donie) File:Caged monkey (Donie).png
Caged monkey (Sheep) File:Caged monkey (Sheep).png
Caged monkey (Bob) File:Caged monkey (Bob).png
Caged monkey (Aereck) File:Caged monkey (Aereck).png
Rocks (Trollheim very easy) File:Rocks (Trollheim very easy).png
Ore vein File:Ore vein.png
Chest (Isle of Souls Dungeon) File:Chest (Isle of Souls Dungeon).png
Portal File:Portal.png
Portal (Recruitment Drive) File:Portal (Recruitment Drive).png
Bakery stall File:Bakery stall.png
Rocks (Climbing boots) File:Rocks (Climbing boots).png
Rocks (Death Plateau) File:Rocks (Death Plateau).png
Rocks (Troll arena) File:Rocks (Troll arena).png
Rocks (Troll Stronghold) File:Rocks (Troll Stronghold).png
Rocks (Trollheim medium) File:Rocks (Trollheim medium).png
Rocks (Trollheim hard) File:Rocks (Trollheim hard).png
Rocks (Trollheim advanced) File:Rocks (Trollheim advanced).png
Rocks (Trollheim easy) File:Rocks (Trollheim easy).png
Portal (Castle Wars) File:Portal (Castle Wars).png
Saradomin Portal File:Saradomin Portal.png
Guthix Portal File:Guthix Portal.png
Zamorak Portal File:Zamorak Portal.png
Broken wall (Al Kharid) File:Broken wall (Al Kharid).png
Rocks (Catherby) File:Rocks (Catherby).png
Statue (Darkmeyer) File:Statue (Darkmeyer).png
Vine (Brimhaven Dungeon) File:Vine (Brimhaven Dungeon).png
Gem stall File:Gem stall.png
Portal (Stronghold of Security) File:Portal (Stronghold of Security).png
Snow File:Snow.png
Ticket Dispenser (darts) File:Ticket Dispenser (darts).png
Ticket Dispenser File:Ticket Dispenser.png
Altar File:Altar.png
Scimitar Stall File:Scimitar Stall.png
Crevice (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon) File:Crevice (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Strange floor (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon) File:Strange floor (Fremennik Slayer Dungeon).png
Big window (Al Kharid) File:Big window (Al Kharid).png
Clothes line (Varrock Rooftop Course) File:Clothes line (Varrock Rooftop Course).png
Vending shrine File:Vending shrine.png
Pole-vault (Canifis Rooftop Course) File:Pole-vault (Canifis Rooftop Course).png
Blue banner File:Blue banner.png
Big Compost Bin File:Big Compost Bin.png
Big Beer Barrel File:Big Beer Barrel.png
Barrel of Water File:Barrel of Water.png
Arceuus statue File:Arceuus statue.png
Ancient bush File:Ancient bush.png
Altar (Catacombs of Kourend) File:Altar (Catacombs of Kourend).png
Toilet File:Toilet.png
Wheely table File:Wheely table.png
Work table File:Work table.png
Argento File:Argento.png
Chest (Rogues' Castle, inside) File:Chest (Rogues' Castle, inside).png
Old fire pit File:Old fire pit.png
Spikey chain (Slayer Tower medium) File:Spikey chain (Slayer Tower medium).png
Spikey chain (Slayer Tower advanced) File:Spikey chain (Slayer Tower advanced).png
Stepping stone (Miscellania) File:Stepping stone (Miscellania).png
Marshy jungle vine File:Marshy jungle vine.png
Wilderness Ditch File:Wilderness Ditch.png
World map display File:World map display.png
Nightmare zone display File:Nightmare zone display.png
Master clue scroll display File:Master clue scroll display.png
Kourend map display case File:Kourend map display case.png
Grand Exchange display File:Grand Exchange display.png
Elite clue scroll display File:Elite clue scroll display.png
Bandos armour display case File:Bandos armour display case.png
Armadyl armour display case File:Armadyl armour display case.png
The Grotesque Guardians' display File:The Grotesque Guardians' display.png
Strange floor (Forthos Dungeon) File:Strange floor (Forthos Dungeon).png
Stepping stone (Crabclaw Caves) File:Stepping stone (Crabclaw Caves).png
Stepping stones (River Hos) File:Stepping stones (River Hos).png
Stepping stones (Hosidius) File:Stepping stones (Hosidius).png
Stepping stone (Zul-Andra) File:Stepping stone (Zul-Andra).png
Standing stone File:Standing stone.png
Basalt rock (mining) File:Basalt rock (mining).png
Bank papers File:Bank papers.png
Attas plant display File:Attas plant display.png
Insurance stall File:Insurance stall.png
Making Friends with My Arm display File:Making Friends with My Arm display.png
Potato basket File:Potato basket.png
Utensil Stall File:Utensil Stall.png
Fossil Storage File:Fossil Storage.png
Fossil Island display case File:Fossil Island display case.png
Shayzien statue File:Shayzien statue.png
Sack (Motherlode Mine) File:Sack (Motherlode Mine).png
Sack (Motherlode Mine) File:Sack (Motherlode Mine).png
Piscarilius statue File:Piscarilius statue.png
Small Boulder File:Small Boulder.png
Slimy residue File:Slimy residue.png
Cell wall File:Cell wall.png
Weiss banner File:Weiss banner.png
Verzik Vitur display File:Verzik Vitur display.png
Tzkal-Zuk display File:Tzkal-Zuk display.png
Throne of Weiss File:Throne of Weiss.png
Dark tunnel (Motherlode Mine) File:Dark tunnel (Motherlode Mine).png
Chest (underwater) File:Chest (underwater).png
Bucket of Blood File:Bucket of Blood.png
Altar (Shade Catacombs) File:Altar (Shade Catacombs).png
Slayer Helmet display case File:Slayer Helmet display case.png
Dense runestone File:Dense runestone.png
Lovakite furnace File:Lovakite furnace.png
Lovakengj statue File:Lovakengj statue.png
Large Boulder File:Large Boulder.png
Giant Boulder (unattached) File:Giant Boulder (unattached).png
Giant Boulder (attached) File:Giant Boulder (attached).png
Wilhelm File:Wilhelm.png
General Graardor display File:General Graardor display.png
Tailor's materials File:Tailor's materials.png
Sunken rowboat File:Sunken rowboat.png
Tomb (Dragon Slayer II) File:Tomb (Dragon Slayer II).png
Xerician Statue File:Xerician Statue.png
Corpses File:Corpses.png
Broken Potter's Wheel File:Broken Potter's Wheel.png
Broken Spinning Wheel File:Broken Spinning Wheel.png
Grand Hallowed Coffin File:Grand Hallowed Coffin.png
Coffin (Hallowed Sepulchre) File:Coffin (Hallowed Sepulchre).png
Soft clay rock File:Soft clay rock.png
Amethyst crystals File:Amethyst crystals.png
Mithril rock File:Mithril rock.png
Sandstone rock File:Sandstone rock.png
Coal rock File:Coal rock.png
Daeyalt vein File:Daeyalt vein.png
Pile of Rock File:Pile of Rock.png
Blurite rock File:Blurite rock.png
Tin rock File:Tin rock.png
Copper rock File:Copper rock.png
Clay rock File:Clay rock.png
Wire machine File:Wire machine.png
Fermenting vat File:Fermenting vat.png
User:Shoyrukon/Sandbox6 File:User:Shoyrukon/Sandbox6.png
Altar (Jaldraocht Pyramid) File:Altar (Jaldraocht Pyramid).png
Well of Voyage File:Well of Voyage.png
Toy box space File:Toy box space.png
Sleeping bag File:Sleeping bag.png
Portal (20th Anniversary event) File:Portal (20th Anniversary event).png
Elidinis Statuette File:Elidinis Statuette.png
Tightrope (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Tightrope (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Rope bridge (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Rope bridge (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Ladder (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Ladder (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Dark hole (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Dark hole (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Chimney (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Chimney (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Tightrope (Rellekka Rooftop Course) File:Tightrope (Rellekka Rooftop Course).png
Gap (Rellekka Rooftop Course) File:Gap (Rellekka Rooftop Course).png
Gap (Ardougne Rooftop Course) File:Gap (Ardougne Rooftop Course).png
Roof edge (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Roof edge (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Pile of fish (Rellekka Rooftop Course) File:Pile of fish (Rellekka Rooftop Course).png
Steep roof (Ardougne Rooftop Course) File:Steep roof (Ardougne Rooftop Course).png
Plank (Ardougne Rooftop Course) File:Plank (Ardougne Rooftop Course).png
Water altar File:Water altar.png
Mind altar File:Mind altar.png
Chaos altar File:Chaos altar.png
Fire altar File:Fire altar.png
Cosmic altar File:Cosmic altar.png
Law altar File:Law altar.png
Death altar File:Death altar.png
Nature altar File:Nature altar.png
Astral altar File:Astral altar.png
Thana File:Thana.png
Fishing Spot (The Gauntlet) File:Fishing Spot (The Gauntlet).png
Module:Infobox Scenery File:Module:Infobox Scenery.png
Secure chest File:Secure chest.png
Grubby Chest File:Grubby Chest.png
Piano (Witch's House) File:Piano (Witch's House).png
Alan File:Alan.png
Fishing Contest Banner File:Fishing Contest Banner.png
Seers weathervane File:Seers weathervane.png
Log balance (Coal Trucks) File:Log balance (Coal Trucks).png
Quest list space File:Quest list space.png
Display space File:Display space.png
Boss lair space File:Boss lair space.png
Adventure log space File:Adventure log space.png
Jewellery box space File:Jewellery box space.png
Portal Nexus space File:Portal Nexus space.png
Amulet space File:Amulet space.png
Trap space File:Trap space.png
Door space File:Door space.png
Topiary space File:Topiary space.png
Theme space File:Theme space.png
Teleport space File:Teleport space.png
Pool space File:Pool space.png
Fence space File:Fence space.png
Prison space File:Prison space.png
Lighting space File:Lighting space.png
Ladder space File:Ladder space.png
Guard space File:Guard space.png
Throne space File:Throne space.png
Trapdoor space File:Trapdoor space.png
Lever space File:Lever space.png
Floor space File:Floor space.png
Small plant 2 File:Small plant 2.png
Small plant File:Small plant.png
Hedging File:Hedging.png
Fencing File:Fencing.png
Big plant 2 File:Big plant 2.png
Big plant File:Big plant.png
Portal space File:Portal space.png
Window space File:Window space.png
Musical space File:Musical space.png
Lamp space File:Lamp space.png
Icon space File:Icon space.png
Altar space File:Altar space.png
Treasure chest space File:Treasure chest space.png
Magic wardrobe space File:Magic wardrobe space.png
Armour case space File:Armour case space.png
Wall chart space File:Wall chart space.png
Telescope space File:Telescope space.png
Lectern space File:Lectern space.png
Globe space File:Globe space.png
Crystal ball space File:Crystal ball space.png
Iron rock File:Iron rock.png
Gold rock File:Gold rock.png
Silver rock File:Silver rock.png
Adamantite rock File:Adamantite rock.png
Runite rock File:Runite rock.png
Lovakite rock File:Lovakite rock.png
Daeyalt Essence (rock) File:Daeyalt Essence (rock).png
Lunar rock File:Lunar rock.png
Volcanic sulphur (rock) File:Volcanic sulphur (rock).png
Pile of Rock (elemental) File:Pile of Rock (elemental).png
Rune Essence (rock) File:Rune Essence (rock).png
Scratching post space File:Scratching post space.png
Pet list space File:Pet list space.png
Pet house space File:Pet house space.png
Pet feeder space File:Pet feeder space.png
Habitat space File:Habitat space.png
Arena space File:Arena space.png
Sword space File:Sword space.png
Portrait space File:Portrait space.png
Map space File:Map space.png
Landscape space File:Landscape space.png
Guild trophy space File:Guild trophy space.png
Combat ring space File:Combat ring space.png
Combat dummy space File:Combat dummy space.png
Ranging game space File:Ranging game space.png
Prize chest space File:Prize chest space.png
Game space File:Game space.png
Elemental balance space File:Elemental balance space.png
Statue space File:Statue space.png
Stair space File:Stair space.png
Rune case space File:Rune case space.png
Fishing trophy space File:Fishing trophy space.png
Head trophy space File:Head trophy space.png
Armour space File:Armour space.png
Wardrobe space File:Wardrobe space.png
Dresser space File:Dresser space.png
Corner space File:Corner space.png
Bed space File:Bed space.png
Workbench space File:Workbench space.png
Tool space File:Tool space.png
Repair space File:Repair space.png
Heraldry space File:Heraldry space.png
Clockmaking space File:Clockmaking space.png
Seating space File:Seating space.png
Decoration space File:Decoration space.png
Bell pull space File:Bell pull space.png
Table space File:Table space.png
Stove space File:Stove space.png
Spice Rack space File:Spice Rack space.png
Sink space File:Sink space.png
Shelf space File:Shelf space.png
Larder space File:Larder space.png
Cat basket space File:Cat basket space.png
Barrel space File:Barrel space.png
Rug space File:Rug space.png
Fireplace space File:Fireplace space.png
Curtain space File:Curtain space.png
Chair space File:Chair space.png
Bookcase space File:Bookcase space.png
Tip jar space File:Tip jar space.png
Small Plant space 2 File:Small Plant space 2.png
Small Plant space 1 File:Small Plant space 1.png
Centrepiece space File:Centrepiece space.png
Tree space File:Tree space.png
Big Tree space File:Big Tree space.png
Big Plant space 2 File:Big Plant space 2.png
Big Plant space 1 File:Big Plant space 1.png
Fertile Soil (scenery) File:Fertile Soil (scenery).png
Cave entrance (from Viyeldi caves) File:Cave entrance (from Viyeldi caves).png
Fireworks File:Fireworks.png
Kharidian cactus File:Kharidian cactus.png
Obelisk of Water File:Obelisk of Water.png
Plough File:Plough.png
Streak info File:Streak info.png
Fruit Stall File:Fruit Stall.png
Mushy Bed File:Mushy Bed.png
Log balance (Fremennik Province) File:Log balance (Fremennik Province).png
Spinning wheel File:Spinning wheel.png
Timeline File:Timeline.png
Wall (Yanille) File:Wall (Yanille).png
Rocks (Al Kharid) File:Rocks (Al Kharid).png
Earth Mound File:Earth Mound.png
Log balance (East Ardougne) File:Log balance (East Ardougne).png
Underwall tunnel (Falador) File:Underwall tunnel (Falador).png
Rocks (Eagles' Peak) File:Rocks (Eagles' Peak).png
Pipe (Brimhaven Dungeon Entrance) File:Pipe (Brimhaven Dungeon Entrance).png
Underwall tunnel (Grand Exchange) File:Underwall tunnel (Grand Exchange).png
Underwall tunnel (Yanille) File:Underwall tunnel (Yanille).png
Monkey bars (Edgeville Dungeon) File:Monkey bars (Edgeville Dungeon).png
Fence (Varrock) File:Fence (Varrock).png
Fruit cart File:Fruit cart.png
Wall (Falador) File:Wall (Falador).png
Ropeswing (Brimhaven) File:Ropeswing (Brimhaven).png
Leather shields File:Leather shields.png
Cross File:Cross.png
Camping gear File:Camping gear.png
Occupied Cormorant perch File:Occupied Cormorant perch.png
Crumbling wall (Falador) File:Crumbling wall (Falador).png
Stepping stones (Lumbridge Swamp Caves) File:Stepping stones (Lumbridge Swamp Caves).png
Chest (Ardougne Castle) File:Chest (Ardougne Castle).png
Lectern (Lunar) File:Lectern (Lunar).png
Large stalagmite File:Large stalagmite.png
Connected stalagmites File:Connected stalagmites.png
Cave web File:Cave web.png
Bank chest File:Bank chest.png
Chest (steel arrowtips) File:Chest (steel arrowtips).png
Fire of Dehumidification File:Fire of Dehumidification.png
Fire of Unseasonal Warmth File:Fire of Unseasonal Warmth.png
Fire of Nourishment File:Fire of Nourishment.png
Fire of Eternal Light File:Fire of Eternal Light.png
Fire of Domination File:Fire of Domination.png
Monkey Madness 2 display File:Monkey Madness 2 display.png
Grim lilly File:Grim lilly.png
Lifelilly File:Lifelilly.png
Justiciar armour (Theatre of Blood) File:Justiciar armour (Theatre of Blood).png
Justiciar armour (Theatre of Blood) File:Justiciar armour (Theatre of Blood).png
Ice crystal File:Ice crystal.png
Ice storm File:Ice storm.png
Hole (Underwater) File:Hole (Underwater).png
Hole (Fossil Island) File:Hole (Fossil Island).png
Herb Stall File:Herb Stall.png
Great Olm display File:Great Olm display.png
Gauntlet Portal File:Gauntlet Portal.png
Fremennik drummer File:Fremennik drummer.png
Drift net anchors File:Drift net anchors.png
Corporeal Beast display File:Corporeal Beast display.png
Clam File:Clam.png
Canary File:Canary.png
Bryophyta display File:Bryophyta display.png
Broken strut File:Broken strut.png
Bone grinder File:Bone grinder.png
Bear droppings File:Bear droppings.png
Acidic miasma File:Acidic miasma.png
Ancient brazier File:Ancient brazier.png
Awakened Altar File:Awakened Altar.png
Crevice (Crabclaw Caves) File:Crevice (Crabclaw Caves).png
Brimstone chest File:Brimstone chest.png
Boaty File:Boaty.png
Blood Stinktree File:Blood Stinktree.png
Portal (Skotizo) File:Portal (Skotizo).png
Portal (Prifddinas Agility Course) File:Portal (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Rusted anvil File:Rusted anvil.png
Stones (Catacombs of Kourend) File:Stones (Catacombs of Kourend).png
Stone chest File:Stone chest.png
Cable (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) File:Cable (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png
Pylon (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) File:Pylon (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png
Ladder (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) File:Ladder (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png
Jutting wall (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) File:Jutting wall (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png
Tunnel (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) File:Tunnel (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png
Trebuchet File:Trebuchet.png
Tunnel (Stronghold Slayer Cave) File:Tunnel (Stronghold Slayer Cave).png
Twisted bush File:Twisted bush.png
White roses File:White roses.png
Wet driftwood File:Wet driftwood.png
Unoccupied Cormorant perch File:Unoccupied Cormorant perch.png
Urt salt rock File:Urt salt rock.png
Efh salt rock File:Efh salt rock.png
Te salt rock File:Te salt rock.png
Swampy lamp File:Swampy lamp.png
Staff of Bob the Cat File:Staff of Bob the Cat.png
Rope (Fossil Island) File:Rope (Fossil Island).png
Rooftop Agility display File:Rooftop Agility display.png
Lava forge File:Lava forge.png
Larran's big chest File:Larran's big chest.png
Yommi tree File:Yommi tree.png
Larran's small chest File:Larran's small chest.png
Rocky support File:Rocky support.png
Ancestral Glyph File:Ancestral Glyph.png
Zip line (Werewolf Agility Course) File:Zip line (Werewolf Agility Course).png
Skull slope (Werewolf Agility Course) File:Skull slope (Werewolf Agility Course).png
Half-built Loom File:Half-built Loom.png
Pipe (Werewolf Agility Course) File:Pipe (Werewolf Agility Course).png
Hurdle (Werewolf Agility Course) File:Hurdle (Werewolf Agility Course).png
Stepping stone (Werewolf Agility Course) File:Stepping stone (Werewolf Agility Course).png
Rocks (Wilderness Agility Course) File:Rocks (Wilderness Agility Course).png
Log balance (Wilderness Agility Course) File:Log balance (Wilderness Agility Course).png
Stepping stone (Wilderness Agility Course) File:Stepping stone (Wilderness Agility Course).png
Ropeswing (Wilderness Agility Course) File:Ropeswing (Wilderness Agility Course).png