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Quest start icon.png This user is a member.
Hitpoints This user's highest skill is Hitpoints, with a level of 89.
Null n Void
Total level: 1767
Attack 85 Hitpoints 89 Mining 71
Strength 89 Agility 71 Smithing 70
Defence 80 Herblore 70 Fishing 76
Ranged 87 Thieving 70 Cooking 81
Prayer 70 Crafting 72 Firemaking 88
Magic 82 Fletching 75 Woodcutting 77
Runecraft 60 Slayer 80 Farming 70
Construction 70 Hunter 84
Combat level 107 Quest point icon.png 271 Music.png 591
Hardcore ironman chat badge.png
This user plays Hardcore Ironman Mode. oops...
Defence icon.png
This user is a 1 defence pure.
60+ All this users skills are 60+.
Hitpoints icon.png
This user is going for an untrimmed Hitpoints cape.

  • I died to sticks in the elf forest because I didn't bring food and I miss-clicked while waiting for my HP to regenerate.
  • With my death, I said "New life, new me." and gave up being a 1 def pure.
Spice Category Skills affected
Red spice (4).png Red Combat skills Attack Attack, Strength Strength, Defence Defence, Ranged Ranged, Magic Magic
Orange spice (4).png Orange Production skills Smithing Smithing, Crafting Crafting, Fletching Fletching, Runecraft Runecraft, Cooking Cooking, Construction Construction, Firemaking Firemaking
Yellow spice (4).png Yellow Character development Agility Agility, Hunter Hunter, Slayer Slayer, Thieving Thieving, Prayer Prayer*
Brown spice (4).png Brown Resource skills Woodcutting Woodcutting, Farming Farming, Fishing Fishing, Mining Mining, Herblore Herblore