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I see that you are inclined to stalkerish tendencies; visitor of my profile.

Some personal information:[edit | edit source]

  • I was born in 1948; hence my Wikia name.
  • I am Irish.
  • My biggest pet-peeve, is laziness.
  • I make an effort to avoid using contractions whilst typing; just a personal caveat.

Need more personal data? Well I apologise, but that is all you will be receiving.

My current 07 stats:[edit | edit source]


Some simple trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • I currently only have 67 Quest Points.
  • My RuneScape username is '0ze'.
  • My homeworld is 313.
  • You can almost always find me at Hill Giants; they are my favourite monster to camp.

Still working on customising/adding data to this page.