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This is a Calculator to figure out the number of Molten Glass Make spells needed to cast to reach a specific level as well as the number of materials needed and the estimated output of Molten Glass.

template = Calculator:Crafting:Seaweed
form = seaweedForm
result = seaweedResult
param = skill|Skill|Crafting|buttonselect||Crafting=startingCraftingXP
param = hs|Player name||hs|startingCraftingXP,13,2
param = startingCraftingXP|Starting XP|0|int|0-200000000
param = targetType|Target|Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=target;XP=targetXP
param = target|Target Level|1|int|1-127
param = targetXP|Target XP|0|int|0-200000000
Calculator failed to load (requires JS)