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This is just my Slayer Journal. And a place to keep notes on what to take when fighting

164 Black Demons - Get a dragon halberd. Take and take an anti-dragonfire shield when getting there in case a blue dragon gets on your case. Get agility up to at least 58 so you can boost it to 63 and squeeze through the railing in Taverly dungeon. There is a place where you can safe spot the demons with the halberd

34 Iron Dragons - Equip the best ranged armour you have, rune crossbow ava's accumulator, and the trick is to use emerald bolts (e). In inventory take coins, an axe, a few each of anti fire potions and

ranging potions. Just maintain your distance from the dragons and you'll do fine. I would imagine this would work with steel dragons as well.

166 Kalphites - Take a rope is about all.

139 Infernal Mages - Best magic defence armor. They don't drop much, so you can bring plenty of food

164 Banshees - No food needed, they drop a lot of herbs, so if you have an herb sack, bring it along

150 Trolls -

146 Blue Dragons - Ranging them

160 Infernal Mages - These things again - take coins, combat potion, maybe 2 empty spaces and lobs for the rest

140 Trolls - No big deal

14 Wall Beasts - don't forget a light source and a rope

154 Basilisks - In inventory take coins, dramen staff, fire staff and natures for alching. Maybe 2 or 3 lobs, just in case. Best Melee armor and a mirror shield. Herb sack if you have one

148 black demons - Had these before!

145 Kalphite -

18 Steel Dragons - I'm going to go after these like I did the Iron Dragons

180 Infernal Mages - Third time for these things

149 Lizards - wear desert robes & melee armour. Take waterskins, a knife and Ice Coolers. They drop plenty of kebabs so food isn't a worry.

145 Elves - had to do Roving Elves quest and start Morning's End Part 1. No big deal after that

14 Mutated Zygomites - Bring Fungicide and wear dragon hide armor

147 Elves - Elves. Again.

10 Steel Dragons -