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Ingame name: Bisschops 99 (Contact me if needed)

Discord name: Ralpha#8433 (or join #cartographers)

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I love maps. So much so that I helped with the Cartographers project on the wiki and made (with help from others, notably User:SandroHc) the standalone map viewer for OSRS (and RS3) and created a wiki extension for OSRS based on Kartographer. This allows us to create maps like this:

     "type": "Feature",
     "properties": {},
     "geometry": {
       "type": "Polygon",
       "coordinates": [
           [3185, 3205],
           [3215, 3205],
           [3215, 3195],
           [3185, 3195],
           [3185, 3205],
Template test:
Quest: Cooks Assistant

More info about this can be found on RuneScape:Map

If you have any questions about this, just ask!