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Templates used

This Calculator estimates the number of Brimstone key 1.pngBrimstone keys you will get during a Konar task in order to help you assess if a task from her is worth doing. It assumes:

  • You will use the Silver Bracelet that you select for the entire task
  • You get the average number of key drops for your task
  • You get the average value from a drop from the Brimstone chest
  • The calculator calculates the estimated key to 1 decimal place, you obviously can't get a decimal number of drops.
  • Because of the above, this should be treated as a guideline only, the Brimstone chest has a large drop table, and if your task is small or the drop chance high, it is likely that the drop chance won't correspond to your actual luck.
template = Calculator:Template/Slayer/Konar
form = KForm
result = KResult
param = MonsterLevel_Input|Monster Level|1|int|1-650|The level of the monster in the area that Konar has assigned you
param = Assigned_Input|Number of Monsters assigned|1|int||
param = Bracelet_Input|Silver Bracelet used|None|select|Neither,Slaughter,Expeditious|
Please input the data and submit the form.

Key drop chance is 1/2060.2.

This task will provide an expected 0 Brimstone key 1.pngBrimstone keys at an expected profit of 0.