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Primary Secondary XP
Guam potion (unf).pngGuam Eye of newt 25
Marrentill potion (unf).pngMarrentill Unicorn horn dust 37.5
Tarromin potion (unf).pngTarromin Limpwurt root[1] 50
Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander Goat horn dust[2] 84
Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander Chocolate dust 67.5
Ranarr potion (unf).pngRanarr Snape grass 87.51
Toadflax potion (unf).pngToadflax Crushed nest 180
Irit potion (unf).pngIrit Newt 100
Avantoe potion (unf).pngAvantoe Mort myre fungus 117.5
Super energy(4).pngSuper energy Amylase crystal 102
Kwuarm potion (unf).pngKwuarm Limpwurt 125
Snapdragon potion (unf).pngSnapdragon Red spiders' eggs 142.5
Cadantine potion (unf).pngCadantine White berries 150
Lantadyme potion (unf).pngLantadyme Dragon scale dust 157.5
Dwarf weed potion (unf).pngDwarf weed Wine of zamorak 162.5
Torstol potion (unf).pngTorstol Jangerberries - save for super combat first tho 175
  1. or ash with shades of morton
  2. Thermy or Desert only