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Hello there.

I haven't been around OSRS for a long time, started playing in late 2019 after not playing since 2009, so I don't know much, will generally focus on fixing things that need minor changes, rather than doing anything major. If I do something wrong, please tell me, I haven't edited wikis before so I'm prone to mistakes, and only really decided to start here because I noticed one minor mistake and thought that I'd want to help if I notice more.

If you want to contact me, my twitter account is @ReisenLoverX, my OSRS account is ReisenLover, and my discord tag is ReisenLover#7309.

Hallowed Sepulchre Times[edit | edit source]

As someone who both likes competitive level speedrunning, and has enjoyed the Hallowed Sepulchre since its release, I've been quite interested in getting good times on the floors of the Hallowed Sepulchre. When I was writing this, I'm only Agility level 80, so I could only do the first three floors:

Floor 1 time: 0:27

Floor 2 time: 0:34

Floor 3 time: 1:01

Floor 4 time: 1:37