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going for quest and music cape at 85 combat. stat going is 70 all

check out a quest im writing here

Item Current Goal Remaining Plan
Quest point icon.png 214 277 63 34 quests, 2 miniquests
Music.png 435 641 206 Most will be unlocked through quests
Combat 79 85 6 Training combat through slayer

ive divided my progress into three stages each with their own subgoals. when a stage is completed, the next one become the new stage one.

Goal 1: Base 60s, Vampyre, Pirate, and Fremennik quest lines, all quests with a lamp reward, and all medium diaries.
Skill Current Goal xp to Goal Method Time Profit
Hunter 53 60 137k 691 grey chins 3 hours 1m
Skills 53 60 137k various 3 hours 1m

currently trying to do sins of the father, i can get to the lightning stage of final but cant do enough dps and eat at the same time to beat him at 60 attack rip

Quests and tracks needed:
Goal Requirements
Quest point icon.png The Ascent of Arceuus

Cabin Fever

Eagles' Peak

Edgar's Ruse

Enakhra's Lament

The Forsaken Tower

The Great Brain Robbery

Haunted Mine

In Search of Knowledge

Lair of Tarn Razorlor

Mountain Daughter

My Arm's Big Adventure

The Queen of Thieves


Rum Deal

The Queen of Thieves

Skippy and the Mogres

Tale of the Righteous

Tower of Life


X Marks the Spot

Zogre Flesh Eaters

20% Piscarilius

40% Shayzien favour

60% Arceuus favour

Claim kudos

Music.png 82
Goal 2: base 65's, 500 music tracks, and completion of all quests except MFWMA and SOTE
Skill Current Goal xp to Goal Method Time Profit
Strength 60 70 428k slayer 0 0
Ranged 63 70 363k range slayer tasks unknown 0
Hitpoints 64 70 326k slayer 0 0
Woodcutting 65 70 283k teaks to 65, sulliuscep from 65-70 13 hours 535k
Smithing 65 70 267k mithril bars at blast furnace with coal bag 3 hours 2300k
Slayer 60 69 233k 269k slay xp after using all lamps 14 hours varies
Defence 66 70 206k slayer 0 0
Mining 64 68 170k motherload mine until i get the coal bag 6 hours 300k
Combat 79 85 6 levels various 0 0
Skills 499 557 2274k various 27 hours 3135k
Quests needed
Quest point icon.png Another Slice of H.A.M.

Cold War

Dragon Slayer II

Dream Mentor

Forgettable Tale...

The Giant Dwarf

Grim Tales

Monkey Madness II

Rag and Bone Man II

The Slug Menace

Goal 3: all music tracks and all quests
Skill Current Goal xp to Goal Method Time Profit
Slayer 69 75 542k
Agility 60 70 457k seers course until full graceful, then werewolf course (?)
Hunter 60 70 456k grey chins to 61, boost and red chins to 70
Construction 60 70 453k
Herblore 62 70 371k
Thieving 60 65 169k sorceress' garden?
Mining 68 70 132k
Skills 439 490 2580k various. 70 all does not include 70 attack or strength.
Quests and tracks needed
Quest point icon.png 6
Music.png 128

future of account: trimmed achievement cape at 100 combat

how i trained:

methods and info
skill method
Woodcutting willows to 55, teaks to 65. 301 profit per log (after

trading sticks), 3 mins per teak inv at grove.

sulliuscep from 65-70

Herblore 38-62 prayer pots with chem amulet
Farming best fruit trees available. calquats, best hardwoods

every 4 days, and hespori daily + herb runs daily

Prayer wyrm bones at wilderness altar
Mining iron to 52, motherload to 65
Runecraft steam runes 40-60. done at fire altar, at level 50,

start crafting w pouches and binding necklaces

Firemaking maples from 35-66 at ge
Cooking tuna then lobster with cooking gauntlets
Fishing fly fishing 30-65
Smithing best xp profitable dart tips, blast furnace 65-70
Hunter falconry to 53, best chins to 70
Slayer wilderness slayer to 60. all xp rewards on slayer
Fletching fletch willow shortbow 35-40, fletch willow longbow

40-50, 50-55 fletch maple shortbow, 55-65 string

maple longbow, 65+ string yew shortbow

Crafting diamond jewelry 45-70, enchant
Magic alching and enchanting best xp; enchanting for profit
Thieving blackjacking bandits until 60
Agility canifis roof course to 60, seers until full graceful then

werewolf course

Construction tears of guthix on cons, oak larders
Ranged black knives at crabs then ranging slayer
Combat slayer