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Call of the Wild[edit | edit source]

Call of the Wild is a grandmaster quest set in the Wilderness during the Second Age, prior to Zamorak casting the spell that destroys it. Following a young character who turns to Zaros for vengeance after Zamorakian warriors killed his family, the quest shows the Wilderness’ destruction and history, and how it became the desecrated and soulless location it is today.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The quest takes place in three parts, following the life of a man named Beckett. First, we see Beckett as a child in the 2nd Age. Then, we see him as a member of Zaros' Order. Finally, we see the Wilderness fall, and Beckett asks you to visit locations across the Wilderness with his locket, to see for yourself the battles he once fought in. The third act is done ENTIRELY IN THE WILDERNESS, and although most of the fights are instanced, you will need to bring the gear you use to fight the boss with you through the various Wilderness locations. All you need to begin the quest are the quest and diary requirements. Each section has a summary of the dialogue as well as the actual dialogue hidden below it.


Part One: The Plight of Beckett[edit | edit source]

Begin the quest by talking to the Man in the Forgotten Cemetery.

After rudely asking why a "normal" person is wandering the Wilderness when all of RuneScape knows it to be a place of evil, he'll reply that it once wasn't this way, and that he roams the lands seeking the spark of life still left in Forinthry, hoping to return it to its once beautiful state. After trying to boast that you've seen even greater adventures (such as those faced in Dragon Slayer II, Recipe for Disaster, and others), he replies that he lived through the God Wars, to which you admit that he's got you beaten. When asked to share his tales, he says merely speaking the history wouldn't do it justice, and that he'll have to show you. Agree to start the quest, and he'll tell you to meet him in the caves of Edgeville.

Full character dialogue
Player: Oh dear, you poor poor man, are you lost? In need of rescue from this place of evil?

Man: How rude of you to address me with such condescension. I'm here of my own accord, following a path I've long embarked on. Can you say the same, aimless wanderer?

Player: Aimless wanderer? HA! I singlehandedly saved Lumbridge. I've slain Robert the Strong. You could never rival an adventurer like myself!

Man: Your arrogant boasts prove nothing to me. You wander from place to place in search of purpose - you know nothing of true victory or loss, strong a warrior as you may be.

Player: And I suppose you've got a better story?

Man: My dear child, I've lived through the very God Wars that shaped this land. I roamed this earth before it become the charred ruin that you know it to be today. I have seen beauty and life in Forinthry, and I intend to find the spark of life that remains and heal this forsaken land.

Player: The GOD Wars?? I apologize, you're clearly a very experienced adventurer as well. You do indeed rival my glory. Can you share the tales of your quests and the great rewards you've reaped?

Man: That's just it, adventurer. You see this merely as a tale of my success against a challenging foe. But this is my life. My family has been lost. There is no happy ending, only the next step in the journey of finding hope for this desecrated land.

Player: I'd still like to hear your account of these events. I've only known these lands to be burned and dead.

Man: I respect your desire to learn. But as you are currently, you would not be able to grasp the depth of my experiences. No, I must show you... if you are ready to see perils you've never dreamed.


Player: I made it through the Underground Pass, how much wor— er, I mean, yes, I am ready to see.

Man: Then follow me adventurer. It is not safe here. We shall reconvene in the caves of Paddewwa — meet me at the bridge to what you call Edgeville.

Player: See you there.

Head to Edgeville, near the canoe station, and talk to the man again (he'll now be labeled Wise Man). He'll instruct you to go with him into a cave under the water. Chop down the tree, and on the canoe option menu select skinny waka canoe. You will need 70 Woodcutting to complete this step.

Wise Man: Glad you could make it.

Player: Sorry I'm late, you know how Abyss traffic is.

Wise Man: I'm not one for wasting time. Follow me into the canoe caves. We'll be going to the back, deeper in the wilderness, where we won't be seen. Make a skinny canoe and meet me there.

Wise Man chops a canoe and rides off.


Pictured: canoeing to Beckett's cave.

Take the canoe to the location marked Dim cave. The man will be inside. Talk to him again and he will introduce himself as Beckett, and say that in order to truly experience his memories, you'll need his courage, his magic power, and his conscience. In his old age, he also wants to make sure he's remembering perfectly. Finally, he needs the essence of the lands he travelled. As such, he'll only be able to accurately show the tale to you with a Vivid Dream potion, which he will explain how to make.

Beckett: Welcome (player name).

Player: Hello stranger.

Beckett: My apologies for the informality, allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Beckett. I'm a Zarosian from Kharyrll.

Player: You seem pretty friendly for a Zarosian.

Beckett: To stay loyal to Zaros, through all this time, tempted not by the allure of Zamorak's call... there is more to us, adventurer, as Azzanadra or Akthanakos have shown you. A shame it is that filth such as Sliske are so casually associating with our movement, using it for their own means. I pray you will come to see Zaros as I have.

Player: Ok ok, I'll try to keep an open mind.

Beckett: That's all I ask, adventurer. I'm confident that as you truly experience my story, you will understand. Now, I must show you.

Player: Let me guess, you need a Dream potion.

Beckett: Among other things. You may think yourself traveled, but to understand the life of someone in the Second Age, it's gonna take more than just a potion of dreaming. Zarosians possessed a mastery of magic no longer known to the world. This essence must be captured as well. The bravery of those of us who stay loyal must also not be understated, and this too must be added to the potion. Finally, in my age, I regret to admit that I may struggle to perfectly remember everything myself. An element which enhances truth should bring back the honesty of the memories from the depths of my mind.

Player: How will I make all this?

Beckett: These are all potions you've made before. I believe you call them magic essence, bravery potions, and troll potions.

Player: So once I make and combine those potions we'll be ready to go?

Beckett: Almost. I also require the energy of the lands travelled. Bring me a Guthix balance potion, blessed by a Morytanian priest, as well as a potion of Wilderness affects. Finely ground ash from burnt bones, added to water should suffice. Be sure to collect, burn, grind, and combine these items in the Wilderness, and have them blessed by the Dark Lord. Return to me when you have these potions ready, or should you have any questions.

Player: Can I add some Karamja Rum? Er—for the flavor.

Beckett: I need your mind sober and sharp. Return to me when you have the necessary potions.

He'll tell you to combine the following potions:

Potion Trait Item's required Original Quest
Dream potion Dreaming Goutweed, ground astral rune Dream Mentor, Dragon Slayer II
Magic essence Magic Power Starflower, gorak claw powder Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen
Bravery potion Courage Ardrigal, snake weed Legend's Quest
Troll potion Honesty Troll thistle, ranarr potion. Use the thistle on

a fire, then grind it with a pestle and mortar.

Eadgar's Ruse
Guthix balance potion Morytania Garlic, silver dust, restore potion. Must be

blessed by Drezel.

In Aid of the Myreque
Gloomy potion Wilderness Vial of water filled in the Wilderness, bones

from something killed in the Wilderness, and

a log chopped in the wilderness. Use the potion

on the Chaos Altar.


Once you have all six potions, use them on the stone basin in the center of the cave. You will need 70 Herblore to complete this step. You're now ready to begin the first part of the quest.

Beckett's youth[edit | edit source]

Drink from the basin when ready, and a series of cutscenes will begin.

*Cutscene one: Beckett's resting on a stone in a leafy, natural area, writing on a note with quill. After a few seconds, the view changes to him walking down the hill into what’s now the Odd Old Man’s house, but the area is surrounded by forestry. The chatbox begins to display text.*

Dearest mother. 
Today marks two weeks since the attack on our farm. Writing you these letters is the only thing keeping me sane, despite knowing you’ll never read them. I miss you terribly — my thoughts sway between mourning, grief that I wasn’t able to protect you, and rage towards that monster Viggora for taking your life. 

*Clip of Viggora killing Beckett's mother at the farm in Morytania*

I don’t understand why he did it. All I know is that I can’t continue to let this terror sweep the realm. I’ve decided to become a Zarosian mage strong enough to take him out myself, and stop him and his men from terrorizing our land.

*Clip of the sun going down, then coming back up, to display another letter in the chatbox.*

How can another human act so selfishly? Viggora is so blinded by his own pride and arrogance, so desperate to prove himself to the generals of Zamorak, that he’s lost sight of what the god he used to serve relied upon him for. He’s confused order and structure with power and might. If Zaros knew just how bastardized a follower of his ideology had been, he’d strike Viggora down where he stood. What I wouldn't give to see that!

*Clip of Viggora's men attacking innocent people in their homes.*

I intend to go meet the Mahjarrat Azzanadra, one of Zaros’ most powerful allies. I’m still looking for work and a place to train my magic skills, but it hasn’t come easy. Viggora’s actions across the realm are causing more and of our brothers and sisters to lose faith in Zaros, and look to other gods. They know not of the corruption by those who now follow Zamorak. There’s even been tell of a Saradomnist following to the east. I fear that the terror of Viggora and his lackeys is pushing more and more of this realm to brush aside Saradomin's irate cowardice and buy into his lies of prosperity. I can hardly contain my anger at what this world is coming to.

Beckett's Rage[edit | edit source]

For this section, you will be playing as Beckett, in a differently looking Morytania. Following the path shortly north, there will be a small cluster of three cottages, burning, with four level 89 Corrupt Zarosians around them attacking the villagers, who you will have to face without prayer or food, just runes for 20 casts of Wind Strike in your inventory. While it's possible to take them all out with melee combat (they each have 50 hitpoints), and the damage you do is based on your actual combat stats, the Zarosians have high accuracy with their melee attacks and can easily kill you without armour. As such, you'll need to use the Wind Strikes to lure them towards you and over the nettles patches, which will slowly hit them for 1's. Once all six are dead, speak to the villagers to learn that Viggora paid off several humans in a nearby settlement to take over houses close to them to set up a base, and you will be brought back to the present time, where you will say you've met Viggora, and Beckett will explain that followers of Zaros became obsessed with power and ultimately turned to Zamorak. He'll discuss the ways in which Zaros' ideology failed humans at the time.

Player: I've met Viggora! He's been cursed by Zaros for eternity for his ways.

Beckett: Eternity is not long enough for that wretched man. Taking advantage of Zaros' beliefs to bolster his own image and rise in status above his brothers... a man who only desires to be above his peers will find himself without them in the afterlife.

Player: Taking advantage of Zaros' beliefs? I thought Zaros was a god of violence and power?

Beckett: Not quite. Zaros sought power for a very different reason than Viggora or Zamorak did. Where as Viggora sought it for personal reasons, Zaros had seen the Elder Gods, and knew they bred life in the universe only as a way to harvest energy for their offspring. His reason for wanting to be as powerful as an Elder God was to stop them from wiping mortal life out, never to be worshipped further than he was. Zaros was the first to truly care about the mortal life within a realm beyond merely cultivating as much energy as possible. He believed that mortals should ultimately run their own realm, and that they deserved to live as more than just tools for the gods to breed.

Player: But if he's so noble, why did so many followers of Zaros become corrupt? Why would these humans so quickly turn on each other like this?

Beckett: You have to understand, young one, humans were once seen as much lesser beings. Even though Zaros gave us all guidance, giving two beings the same tools to dig a hole isn't equal footing if only one of them owns land, you see? Zaros arrived at a time when there was already inequality, and to many, Zaros' ranks were the first taste of power we had. Those particularly affected by poverty, lured by the power of the corrupt followers of Zamorak, were very easily swayed. While I don't excuse their actions, it cannot be ignored that those of us who lived our lives this way were left particularly vulnerable to the call of power.

Player: I see. But what makes you different?

Beckett: My people came from a humble area in Morytania. While certainly not kings, we ran our own community, under no jurisdiction but the basic laws of Zaros' rule. Above anything else, we saw the value in each others lives. It was most different from that of an adventurer who roamed in search of personal glory, for we searched not for glory for one, but for all who lived there.

Player: But the followers of Zaros were evil!

Beckett: Some might say so. When Zaros arrived in the second age, he first encountered the Vampyres, who as we know currently lead an oppressive reign in what is now Morytania. At the time, however, they were less organized than they were today, aimlessly killing for blood. He gave them structure and organization, as did he with the demons he encountered. And at this time, lest we forget, the vampyres and humans came to coexist peacefully - that is, before the corrupt among them took over. These species today may seem to be obviously associated with evil, but to Zaros the concept of evil among mortals was foreign. In his wisdom, he merely sought to organize societies to survive without a great number of gods interfering, hoping to take the task up himself, and remain in the shadows. In his ignorance, however, as a god not of this realm, he failed to truly curb the existing inbalances among the species of Geilinor in the first place before launching his campaign, and it only grew.

Player: So those corrupted Zarosians...?

Beckett: The mortal Zamorak, at the time not yet a god, was once a follower of Zaros. He was lured by Zaros' show of power, something that many misunderstood. One can't blame those of this realm for seeing Zaros' reign so.

Player: What was this display of power for then, if not to intimidate?

Beckett: Zaros is an Elder God, endowed with power and knowledge no other God possessed. As I mentioned before, Zaros feared of lesser gods swaying mortals with lies about their universe, and wanted humans to know the truth: the Elder Gods did not care about them. Lesser gods did not know this to be true, and in the case of many sought power for their own whims. Zaros believed that a display of power would be the simplest way to show that he was the most qualified to lead the mortals. But while much of Gielinor was indeed united, growing unrest and social inequality meant that many of those at the bottom were overlooked. Zamorak capitalized on this.

Player: I suppose I can see both sides. I still don't agree with what Viggora did though.

Beckett: Of course not, nor do I. And it should be understood that the values that would drive someone to the point of strengthening themself as an individual, rather than seek liberation for all of their people, were long existing among these followers. But both of these factors must be acknowledged.

Player: So while ultimately with the goal of saving the humans from the Elder Gods, Zaros sought to use power to show that he was able to ascend to Elder Godhood himself and stop them from harvesting their life, where as other gods either didn't know this or didn't care to share it, as they wanted to preserve their following.

Beckett: Precisely so. Sadly, regardless of the intent of his actions, in interacting with the existing values of the land, they were co-opted and used to justified monstrosities. And the reign of Zaros was tightly ran in and of its own right. I can see why those who focused so on themselves grew tired of waiting while Zaros focused on expanding his empire. Those who sought power sought it in his ranks, and with this in mind, it's no wonder many were turned away from Zaros. The oppressive rule of some of his generals was the life that many former followers of Zaros knew. Ironic, that in his quest to keep mortals from turning to gods who would lie to them, his corrupted generals would push them to other gods better than those gods themselves ever could.

Player: So you sought to challenge these corrupted generals, who rose to power in Zaros' ranks for their own selfish reasons.

Beckett: Precisely. Many of them had already turned to Zamorak as the restrictions of power granted to them by Zaros' Order left them wanting more...

*Cutscene showing another letter being written.*

I’ve been taking odd jobs to make ends meet. The runes Guthix gave us should have lasted much longer, but due to greedy hoarders influenced by the corrupt in Zaros’ ranks, we’re running low. The only way for me to acquire them now is to buy from the shops who sell them at prices I could never afford. However, Zaros has a supply which he allocates to his generals, but in order to reach this I must rise in his ranks. While In Senntisten, I can start working up naturally, but unfortunately, these days, with Zaros' attention elsewhere, the only way to rise is to kill or conquer...

-----For this part of the quest, you will be living in Senntisten. I need to flush this part out more, but basically, you're playing as Beckett and are at this point in time a rookie in Zaros' ranks. You will be completing tasks asks by civilians in the area. the goal of this part of more so to expand on the lore of the time than anything else. tasks will be pretty simple, such as run a series of letters, cook a specific meal with ingredients found around the area, etc. There will be dozens of civilians, so any of them can be talked to to get a random task. the five tasks will end up being the same. this section will probably take about 10-15 minutes.----- rookie/major/lieutenant/general

After completing five tasks, speak to the Zarosian general in the main building and inform her of your completion. She'll congratulate you and say that you need to prove yourself in a battle, and after that will be eligible for the rank of Major, the first step on the way to becoming a general. You'll get a message saying to prepare; this battle will be fought with your own gear, so use this break to bank and gear up, and return and talk to Beckett when ready.

Kharidian Warrior[edit | edit source]

Note: I have another quest called desert quest that specifically covers the Kharidian-Zarosian war in more detail, shown from the perspective of the Kharidians.

This battle is set during the Kharidian-Zarosian war. You will appear in a desert area, on top of what is now the Shantay Pass. After the quest, this area can be traveled through. A team of Zarosian rookies will be with you, led by one Zarosian General, who will a short speech. After this speech, you will have to fight the level 305 Kharidian Warrior. To equip the Zarosian Chestplate in the scene will require 70 Defence.

Zarosian General: Alright listen up Rookies! You've volunteered your time and your lives, to support the Zarosian cause. Let it be known that we are fighting a people that prays to gods who don't follow Zaros' cause. We must show them our strength in battle, lest they continue to ignore our plea to disregard lesser gods who won't tell them the truth.

Rookie: (Shy emote) S-Sir!

Zarosian General: Yes Rookie?

Rookie: *gulp!*

Zarosian General: Speak up, weakling!

Rookie: Well I- *cough* um. I- I recognize that the gods of these people do not know the truth of the Elder Gods. B-But must we kill them to teach them? Surely Zaros would implore us to show them the light by showi—

Zarosian General: Silence!

*the General strikes the rookie for 50 hp, reducing him to just one hitpoint left*

Zarosian General: If you do not feel this represents the will of Zaros, feel free to find him... and tell him yourself!

*animation shows the Rookie teleported into a jail*

Zarosian General: Any other questions?

*Rookies shake their heads*

Zarosian General: Then lets begin.

Clicking continue will take you to the fight

The Kharidian General is level 305, must be attacked with Melee only. His archers will shoot arrows out of the air before they hit him, and your Magic level will be consistently drained to 5 every two seconds. For this reason, Melee combat is the only way to defeat him. He is weak to crush, and has 300 Hitpoints, and attacks with two combat styles, Ranged and Melee. Every 8 attacks he will spin around and jump, slamming his feet into the sand and sending waves of sand coming towards you. You must run away before he does this, as the attack will kill you in one hit. It will travel out from him in until it creates a 7x7 pattern, so running four tiles away will suffice to avoid it. Every 10 attacks, he will raise his hands up and invoke the gods, causing tentacles to come out of the sand and strike you for 20 damage. These can be avoided by watching for areas where the sand changes color. During this time, his defense will be lowered. After he is brought to 0 hp, a cutscene will show him on the ground giving you the option to either spare him or kill him. You must kill him, so select kill, and you will be placed back into a fight with him. He now has 50 hp, none of his special attacks, and attacks with rapid, inaccurate melee attacks. Kill him to trigger the next cutscene.

(after being killed the first time)

Kharidian General: You don't know what you're doing. I see it in the way you fight. This battle is not fought for me. What brings you here? Player: I— I must fight.

Kharidian General: Must you? We are a peaceful people. Your god would not see us slaughtered so. You harbor no hatred for us— tell me, to whom do you serve?

Player: These people serve not my god. They killed my family. They represent a lust for evil and power.

Kharidian General: And yet here you are, doing their bidding. What would Zaros say?

Player: Zaros has yet to realize the path his army has taken. And it is too late. To object is futile. I must take them down from the inside.

Kharidian General:If you kill me, you are no better than one of them

*options: SPARE or KILL*

Player: I'm sorry. I will do what I must. The world will vindicate me.

(after being killed the second time)

Kharidian Warrior: You mustn't fail, stranger. Do not let me die in vain. Do not let this corrupted empire touch my son.

Player: I won't, great warrior, you have my word.

*animation showing the warrior dying*

After this you will end up back in Beckett's room. You discuss the impact of the fights he had, and the kills he had to make. He will explain that it allowed him to climb the ranks, and then show you his life as a general. After this, you will have to fight as a General in Paddewwa and Lassar, holding the areas for part of the Zarosian Empire.

Player: So you killed the Kharidian Warrior even though you felt no animosity towards him.

Beckett: Yes. I cannot stand before you and claim my path was pretty. I had to take on some I felt had done no wrong. The Kharidian Empire was brilliant, resulting in many of the developments in weaponry that we know to this day.

Player: So what came of their empire?

Beckett: The Kharidians sought the help of the Mahjarrat in resisting the forces of Zaros' corrupt ranks. After aiding them in the recovery of their land, however, many of the Mahjarrat turned to Zaros, for he recognized they were borne of the same energy he was. One devious Mahjarrat, known as Sliske, sought to bring the Mahjarrat onto Zaros' side.

Player: Did it work?

Beckett: Well, yes and no. Some sided with Zaros for seeing his true beliefs, but others did out of allure to the violence that the corrupt Zarosians pushed, eventually becoming loyal to Zamorak. The Kharidian gods themselves took part in this fight, attacking and killing many of the Mahjarrat. The Zarosian forces' failure in the desert drew the attention of Zaros himself, and he realized that no longer could his armies simply take over other areas by force.

Player: That's good to hear. The Kharidians are a good people. Their land belongs to them, regardless of who they follow.

Beckett: I hear you, player. Unfortunately, in the Fourth Age, the Zamorakian forces launched a devastating attack that crumbled the empire for good. I pray that their gods have protected them to this day.

Player: I've seen that. I visited the ruins of Uzer and have heard many of the tales for myself. Surprisingly I've met a number of Zarosians in the desert.

Beckett: You'd be surprised. Many of those loyal to Zaros when he fell found refuge in the desert.

Player: And for you?

Beckett: My defeat of Kharidian Warrior, something even the general could not do, brought me past the simple promotion I was looking for. I was made a general, which gained me access to the magic arsenal of the Zarosian army. My first battle as General, I was leading the fight against attackers at Paddewwa...

future of the quest: the fight at lassar/paddewwa, then the fall of zaros with the spell turning the wilderness barren, then the rest of the stuff being set in the wilderness at various wilderness locations showing them in the past. i wanna have the spell casting be right after the lassar paddewwa fight in a long cutscene / dialogue section showing zaros' fall. i will need to link a skill to each place in the wildy it goes. also wanna incorporate kbd and etc history in there as well.

Rewards[edit | edit source]


  • 4 Quest points Quest points
  • Prayer 24,000 Prayer experience
  • Ranged 20,000 Ranged
  • Magic 24,000 Magic
  • Agility 24,000 Agility
  • Crafting 24,000 Crafting
  • Thieving 24,000 Thieving
  • Strength 24,000 Strength
  • Farming 24,000 Farming
  • Smithing 24,000 Smithing
  • Slayer 24,000 Slayer
  • Hunter 8,000 Hunter
  • Fishing 8,000 Fishing
  • Access to the Fertile Hill in the Wilderness, a disease-free Farming area with tree and herb patches
  • Ability to move your POH to the Demonic Ruins and new Wilderness House Style
  • Beckett's Locket, a twice-daily teleport that works up to level 40 Wilderness
  • Access to Beckett's Rock, a small atoll east of the Poison Spiders in level 37 Wilderness, bringing valuable new fish with special PvM properties
  • Beckett will now have a small home in the level 26 Wilderness Ruins, and will pay you for ___
  • Access to the Paddewwa Caverns, a new Slayer location
  • Access to the Wastelands at level 65 Wilderness, where combat level does not apply and anyone can attack anyone.

Fish Info[edit | edit source]

The fish caught are untradeable, skull you, disappear if you teleport, and drop 35,000 gp each on death. While Beckett's rock is not in the Wilderness, allowing fish to be obtained, to get to and from it requires navigating a large multi-combat area with multiple high level enemies. Fish require 68 fishing and include:

  • Blue Tang, which heals 5 Hitpoints and increases attack speed to 3 for 1 minute. It has a cooldown of 1 minute before eating another.
  • Flame Angelfish, which heals 10 hitpoints and negates all damage from dragonfire for 5 minutes. It has no cooldown before eating another.
  • Pirhana, which heals poisons you but will heal you all the damage you are dealt for the next 15 seconds. It has a 15 minute cooldown before eating another.
  • Skeletal Jellyfish, which allows you to use a melee weapon as if it were a magic or ranged weapon, giving it an attack range of 8 squares for the next minute. Damage is reduced to 75% of its ability. It has no cooldown before eating another
  • Stonefish, which makes two-handed weapons one-handed for 30 seconds. It has no cooldown, but deals 50 damage with each one eaten.

References[edit | edit source]